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World's Largest T. Rex Found

By Tim Binnall

The remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Canada may constitute the largest specimen of the iconic dinosaur species ever found. The enormous T. rex, dubbed 'Scotty,' was reportedly unearthed from a site in Saskatchewan back in 1991, but was only recognized for its record-breaking size in a recently-published scientific paper. According to researchers, the mighty dinosaur would have weighed a whopping 19,400 pounds when it roamed the Earth 68 million years ago.

The dinosaur's considerable size, scientists say, is predominantly due to the fact that it was fairly old as far as T. rex species are concerned. To that end, they believe that the dinosaur was in its late 20's or early 30's at the time of its demise. Evidence of the creature's advanced age can be seen in the injuries that the dinosaur sustained in its lifetime, including a broken rib that eventually healed and a number of damaged tailbones.

However, as is often the case in the world of science, not everyone is convinced that Scotty is truly at the top of the heap when it comes to the largest T. rex's ever discovered. That's because the creature just barely bested the previous record-holder, dubbed 'Sue,' by only a few inches in length and a few hundred pounds. And since only 65% of the Scotty's remains were recovered, as compared to the 90% of Sue that was unearthed, some skeptical paleontologists say that there may have been some creative guesswork done which narrowly edged the creature into the record books.


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