Yowie Handprint Found on Jeep?

By Tim Binnall

An intriguing image from Australia may show the massive handprint of the country's resident Bigfoot-like creature known as the Yowie. The photo was taken by a man who had been camping in the Nanango State Forest in Queensland. Following "a really noisy night in the bush" in which a considerable number of animals could be heard making sounds, the camper was drinking some tea in the morning when he noticed something odd on the back of his Jeep.

"I must have known it something was different," he recalled, "because I normally wouldn't look at a handprint on the back of my window." However, upon closer inspection, he realized that the enormous mark was around half the size of the "top to bottom measurement" of the window and dwarfed that of a human hand. Making the print all the more interesting, he noted, is that the dirt which constitutes the mark appears to have come from somewhere else, since the dust around it is undisturbed.

While he initially suspected that perhaps one of his children had made the marking, the man observed that the ridges of the handprint could be clearly seen, suggesting that the puzzling find was not merely the result of someone smearing their hand on the window. When he later showed the print to his kids, he revealed, "they just shake their heads. They don't want to think what I suspect." Although he seemed reticent to outright say the proverbial 'Y-word,' the man theorized that a sizeable creature with a hand resembling a human had pressed up against the Jeep.

"I'm not a bloke that goes on flights of fancy about these things," he mused, and conceded that the print has puzzled him ever since he found it, which is how it wound up falling into the hands of Yowie researchers Down Under. Although it's impossible to know for certain if the mark did indeed come from the hand of the legendary beast, it could provide a different glimpse of the creature that, like its iconic North American brethren, usually draws more attention via its big feet. What's your take on the mark and the man's story? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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