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Yowie Torments Australian Woman?

Yowie Torments Australian Woman?

By Tim Binnall

A woman in Australia recently shared a rather harrowing story of being targeted by what she believes was a Yowie. The unnamed individual reportedly shared her story with a YouTube channel devoted to discussing the infamous 'Bigfoot of Down Under.' According to her, the bizarre experience occurred when she was living in the town of Nanango with her two children while her mother was staying at a nursing home in the community.

It initially began, she said, when her kids would tell her that there was someone peering into their window at night, but the woman could never catch sight of the interloper before it ran off. The strangeness continued when she went to visit her mother and "she kept saying to me, all the time, that there was something running over the roof" as well as past her door at night. Despite assurances from the nurses that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, the woman's mother was insistent about what she saw and heard.

Whatever doubts the witness may have had were soon dispelled one evening when she left the nursing home and apparently caught the attention of whatever had been harassing her mother. As she departed the building, the woman recalled, "I heard a gut-wrenching howl. It was like nothing I'd ever, ever heard before." The unsettling sound, she said, made the hair on her neck stand up and it gripped her with fear.

Alas, it would seem that the worst was yet to come as she began to hear the haunting howl on a regular basis while she was at her home as if the mysterious source of the screech was stalking her. The sound, she lamented, terrified her pets and seemed to suggest that something was lurking around the property. When she attempted to look outside one night to see if she could find the source of the sound, the woman says that she was overwhelmed by "a decaying body stench" akin to the odor often attributed to Bigfoot and other creatures of that ilk.

The unnerving experience ultimately came to an end when the woman and her family moved away from the town and she largely forgot about the odd circumstances she had been forced to endure. However, it all came rushing back one day when her daughter and a friend were watching videos on YouTube and played some audio that purportedly featured the howls of a Bigfoot. It was then that the woman recognized the sound as the same screech which had tormented her in the past.

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