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The Haunted Chair

Apr 13, 2009

This photograph (click on to view larger) is featured in Brad Steiger's latest book Real Ghosts. The electric chair was formerly used by the state of Tennessee, and this photo was originally sent to the Ghost to Ghost website by Fred Leuchter, an...

Birth Announcement

Jeff and Jennifer S. of Milan Portrait Co. announce the arrival of their son Aston Riley (pictured) born Sept 22. "His nickname is Smeagol and he goes to sleep every night listening to Coast to Coast." Happy Halloween!

Ghost-to-Ghost AM 2003

Thanks to Art Bandini for providing tonight's logo image. On the right, Art's Webcam, with Art & Ramona.

The Demon Asteroth

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest Aaron Donahue has remote viewed The Goetic Demons, which he explains are "72 evocations" that reveal Luciferian aspects. Pictured left (click here for larger) is Asteroth, "an entity not of our solar system," writes Donahue, "that is part...

Southern California Wildfire

Apr 13, 2009

This NASA satellite photo (click on to view larger) depicts the widespread nature of the Southern California wildfires. Also, Art's friend, Chuck Racer has sent in two new images of the fire in Simi Valley. View Photo 1,Photo 2, Previous Photo.

Life on Mars

Tonight's guest Gordon-Michael Scallion gleaned material from his "dream teachers" while in a trance state, about a civilization that once flourished on the Red Planet. "The Martians were more like the giants -some twenty-one feet tall- who first evolved...

The Misty Form

Apr 13, 2009

This photo (click on to see larger) comes from tonight's guest Joshua P. Warren, who writes: "It was taken at our Annual Paranormal Conference at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. It shows a guest enveloped in an unexplainable, misty form in front of...

Simi Valley Fire

Apr 13, 2009

Chuck Racer sent in this photo of a wildfire that is currently raging in Southern California's Simi Valley. Click here to view larger.

EXCLUSIVE: Cubs Fan 'Steve Bartman' Actually Time-Traveler Art Bell!

(10-16-03) The Wacky World News has learned exclusively that the Chicago Cubs fan whose interference with play in Game 6 of the recent National League baseball playoffs may have cost the Cubbies a spot in this year's World Series, is none other than a...

The Headless Chicken

Apr 13, 2009

Mike, known as "The Headless Wonder Chicken" grew from a mere 2 1/2 lbs. to nearly 8 lbs., after his head was chopped off! Read all about here.

No More Ice

Apr 13, 2009

A recent NASA study predicts the Arctic Ocean will lose all perennial ice by the end of this century. Such an occurrence will have devastating impact on the Arctic region and start in motion a process that will change the climate dramatically. "If the...

Urantian Paradise

Apr 13, 2009

This image (click on to view larger) is from the cover of the book, The CenterWithin: Lessons from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation, coauthored byByron Belitsos, tonight's guest. It represents an artist'sattempt to depict the following description of...

Sylvia Browne

Apr 13, 2009

Click on her picture to view larger.

Huge Sunspot

Apr 13, 2009

Spaceweather.com is reporting that Sunspot 484 (click on the above picture to see larger) has grown into one of the biggest sunspots in years. It is now about the size of the planet Jupiter.

Just Say No to NASA

Apr 13, 2009

"Although it is essential that the United States continue manned space exploration, it is time someone in Congress finally said no to NASAÂ…and give the job to someone else," writes tonight's guest Robert Zimmerman in an op-ed piece that ran in USA Today...

Exploring Altered Consciousness

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest, intrepid researcher and remote viewer, Stephan Schwartz (pictured left) spent a week undergoing the "Gateway Voyage," at the Monroe Institute, which he documented in his article The Path of Sound. The program, he writes, involved the...

Prediction Update

Apr 13, 2009

Sunday's first hour guest, Sean David Morton of the Delphi Associates checked in with his past predictions, and also offered some new ones, such as there will be a terrorist attack on Washington DC in the July 4, 2004 time frame.

The Backyard Ghost

Apr 13, 2009

A woman from Mt. Juliet, TN believes ghosts walk in her backyard, and this photo may be evidence of it. Click here to view enlargements and the story sent in by Blake of Alabama Paranormal Research (who appeared briefly during the first hour of...

Friday Night Feature: Tales of Indigo Children

Apr 13, 2009

Some children born approximately between 1978 and 1988 are said to have special abilities and experiences, and have been labeled the Indigo Children. This week we bring you some of their tales: I was born in 1989 and I have this "sixth sense." Even though...

Cydonia & Ancient Structures

Apr 13, 2009

Dave Flynn believes there is a relationship between artifacts on Mars and Earth. Pictured above is the D & M pyramid at Cydonia (click on to view larger). Here are some other images he finds significant: Face on Mars Ancient Olmec sculpture that has two...

The Cottingley Fairies

Apr 13, 2009

Photos of "garden fairies" taken by two teenage girls in Cottingley, England in 1917 aroused a great deal of curiosity. While the photos were largely discredited, they were championed by such illustrious figures as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in their day....

Special Report: Bay Area UFO Expo

Apr 13, 2009

This past weekend I beamed down to the 5th Annual Bay Area UFO Expo, which featured a bounty of interesting presenters. One of whom, was the man called "the most controversial speaker in the world," David Icke. I sat down with Icke for a 90-minute...

Art's Webcam Photo

Apr 13, 2009

Photo from 10/12/03

Art Bell Returns to WABC

Apr 13, 2009

Effective immediately, WABC, the big 50,000 watter from New York City, has picked up the weekend edition of C2C. You can now catch theSaturday (into Sunday) and the Sunday (into Monday) shows from 1am-5am on 770 AM.

Friday Night Feature: Darkside Tales

Apr 13, 2009

The Rasping Demon By Jerry About 14 years ago, I still lived at home. One night my brother, who was about 15, was in my room and we were playing a game of Nerf basketball on a chilly March night. Everyone else in the family was gone for the evening. My...

The Limb of Yeti

Apr 13, 2009

Russian scientists may have found the remains of a mysterious animal. Click here for the full story.

An Alien Face

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest, Phillip Krapf will be discussing his encounters with the "Verdant" ETs. In tandem, we present "Noo Noo," by the artist Jenaro Pagan (realmsofnowhere). Pagan based the drawing on an image he'd seen of an "ancient astronaut" in an Egyptian...

Me & My Shadow

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest Debbie Ford offers a transformative workshop called The Shadow Process, which seeks to put her clients in touch with all aspects of themselves. It was the pioneering psychotherapist Carl Jung who labeled the shadow as one of the four...

Alien or Demon?

Apr 13, 2009

Tonight's guest, author Hugh Ross has examined the question of alien phenomena from a traditional Christian perspective. He has suggested that those who witness UFOs or undergo "alien abduction," may have opened themselves up to these experiences through...

North Polar Dunes

Apr 13, 2009

This Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image shows several dark sand dunes in the north polar region. (website)