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Planet X Projection

Apr 13, 2009

Scientists at Kobe University in Japan believe that a 'Planet X,' up to two-thirds the size of the Earth, is orbiting the far reaches of our solar system. Though their calculations are based on computer-models, they suggested it's only a matter of time...

The Venus Collision

Apr 13, 2009

A huge collision between two proto-planets could have created Venus as we know it, according to new scientific research. Sometimes described as "Earth's evil twin," Venus' extreme differences from our planet might have been brought about by this...

The Ararat Anomaly

Apr 13, 2009

Over the years, researchers such as Porcher Taylor have claimed that an anomaly high on Mt. Ararat in Turkey may be the remains of Noah's Ark. The anomaly was imaged by DigitalGlobe's satellite and the photos were unveiled in 2006. You can view them at...

George in Seattle

Apr 13, 2009

George Noory addressed the crowd over the weekend at a private 'Meet and Greet' party put on by radio station KVI in Seattle. Click on the image to view larger.

Battle of L.A. Revisited

Apr 13, 2009

Sunday marks the 66th anniversary of the infamous "Battle of L.A." UFO case. Greg Bishop re-examines the event at UFO Mystic, including the original radio report of the encounter from 1942.

The Hunt for D.B. Cooper

Apr 13, 2009

Appearing in the first two hours, attorney Galen Cook gave an update on his investigation of D.B. Cooper, the infamous hijacker who on November 24, 1971 parachuted from an airliner with $200,000 in ransom and was never seen again.Cook provided another...

Satellite Strike on Film

Apr 13, 2009

Following the successful shoot-down of a doomed spy satellite, Pentagon officials released incredible film of the "direct hit." View the footage here.

'Light Body Effect'

Apr 13, 2009

Digital artist Dana Augustine shares his illustration William Henry's Light Body Effect, which he created for tonight's show. Click on the image to view in full.

Meteor Over Western U.S.

Apr 13, 2009

A meteor was seen streaking across the early-morning sky in Washington, Oregon and Idaho on Tuesday. The fireball was captured in a video shot by the Idaho National Guard (still image pictured). To view the video and further info, visit cbs5.com.

William Henry Light Beings Images

Jun 25, 2009

William Henry sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation.

The 'Devil Frog'

Apr 13, 2009

Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a giant frog. Dubbed Beelzebufo ampinga, or "devil frog," the predatory creature, which lived 65 to 70 million years ago, may have consumed dinosaur hatchlings. More at LiveScience.Illustration: Luci...

Tampa UFO Video

Apr 13, 2009

WFTV.com has posted still images and video of an unexplained fireball in the sky over Tampa, FL. The footage was captured by Clifford Jeudy on January 20, 2008.UPDATE >>

Earth-Like Worlds

Apr 13, 2009

Our galaxy may harbor many Earth-like worlds. New evidence suggests that possibly more than half of the sun-like stars in the Milky Way have given rise to rocky planets like ours. More from Space.com.Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Satellite Shootdown Plan

Apr 13, 2009

A missile will be fired at a US spy satellite that otherwise would crash to Earth in the next few weeks, the Pentagon announced today. The missile will be directed to hit the satellite's tank which contains toxic fuel. More on the mission at Popular...

George's Heart Regimen

Apr 13, 2009

Here is George Noory's healthy heart/artery regimen: EDTA supplements and minerals,Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin E,Quercetin, Curcumin, white tea extract, Master Omega 3, Ellagic Acid, Folate, B12 & B6, & conjugated linolenic acid. Many of...

The Tiny Pterodactyl

Apr 13, 2009

The fossil of a new species of pterodactyl has been discovered in China. The flying reptile, which lived 120 million years ago, feasted on insects and had a wingspan of just 10 inches. For more, visit LiveScience.Image Credit: Michael Skrepnickaption

David Mack Image

Apr 13, 2009

Last night's first hour guest, comic book artist and writer David Mack, shares this illustration (enlargement) from The Shy Creatures of various cryptozoological animals building a strange snowman.

TV Horror Movie Hostess

Apr 13, 2009

In the first hour, Cassandra Peterson talked about how she got her start portraying the late-night horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (pictured). She credited actor and artist Robert Redding with creating the iconic look of the character....

David Mack Comics

In the first hour, Ian spoke with comic book artist and writer David Mack. Mack talked about his original multi-volume series, Kabuki, as well as his work on Daredevil and a New Avengers project. He also shared an illustration, from his book The Shy...

'Psychic Twins' Predictions

Apr 13, 2009

First hour guests, 'Psychic Twins' Terry & Linda Jamison checked in to share their predictions for 2008, some of which they glean from automatic writing.An intense hurricane will hit the East Coast in September, and there'll be a lot wild storms and...

Ostman Graphics

Apr 13, 2009

Charles Ostman sent us a set of graphicsto accompany his appearance.

'UFO Hunters' Debut

Apr 13, 2009

First half-hour guests, Oliver von Kemenczky & Ted Davis with NY-SPI spoke about their new show UFO Hunters on Sci-Fi.In this video clip from the first episode of UFO Hunters, a witness tells investigators Oliver & Ted about a huge diamond-shaped craft...

Psychical Research Images

Apr 13, 2009

Robert Schoch sent us a set of images on the early days of psychical research, to accompany his presentation. View them here.

Tsoukalos Video

Apr 13, 2009

Giorgio Tsoukalos sent us a video clip in which he talks about the Ancient Astronaut theory. View it below:

Elvidge Diagrams

Apr 13, 2009

Jim Elvidge provided several diagrams to accompany his discussion with Ian Punnett. View them here.

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Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Bob Fletcher discussed the latest evidence for the rogue Planet X or Nibiru.

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