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Video Trailer: America Beforepicture

Video Trailer: America Before

Guest on the 10/21/20 show, Graham Hancock, shares a trailer for his book America Before.

Categories: Ancient World, Mysteries & Anomalies

Video: New Study Examines How Visible Earth is From Alien Worlds

An intriguing new study offers a fascinating alternative take on the search for alien life by trying to determine just how visible the Earth would be to other civilizations looking for exoplanets.

Art Bell Vault: Ghost-to-Ghost '96 & '06

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week: Ghost-to-Ghost specials from 1996 and 2006.

Famed Lake Monster Filmed in China?

An employee at the gift shop of a popular Chinese national park spotted what he believes to be a legendary lake monster said to live in the region.

Monkey Menaces Tennessee Community

A strange controversy has erupted in a Tennessee community after residents alerted authorities to what they say is a menacing pet monkey roaming the streets.

Happy National Sasquatch Awareness Day

In the pantheon of odd and obscure holidays, October 20th stands out as a date which may be of particular interest to paranormal enthusiasts as it happens to be National Sasquatch Awareness Day.

Pop Star Demi Lovato Films UFO, Claims to Have Contact with Aliens

In a surprising social media post this past weekend, pop star Demi Lovato shared a video of an anomalous object which she believes to be a UFO and claimed that she can contact aliens.

'Iron Man' Balloon Mistaken for Alien Invader by Indian Village

'Iron Man' Balloon Mistaken for Alien Invader by Indian Villagepicture

A humanoid-shaped object descending upon a village in India sparked fears of an alien invasion until authorities identified the 'visitor' as merely a life-size Iron Man balloon.

Watch: Bizarre One-Eyed Albino Baby Shark Discovered in Indonesia

A group of fishermen in Indonesia were absolutely astonished when they cut open a catch and discovered a bizarre, one-eyed albino baby shark inside the creature.

Video: Massive Ancient Cat Drawing Found Among Nazca Lines in Peru

Video: Massive Ancient Cat Drawing Found Among Nazca Lines in Perupicture

Workers refurbishing a platform overlooking the iconic Nazca Lines in Peru could not believe their eyes when they stumbled upon a massive drawing of a cat that had been etched into a hillside thousands of years ago.

Knapp's News 10/18/20

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including a piece about how time travel can be paradox-free.

ISS Leak Traced with Tea Bag

A leak aboard the ISS was finally pinpointed by cosmonauts utilizing a rather low-tech solution — a tea bag.

Museum Revives Creepy Doll Contest

Following a wildly successful contest last Halloween season, a museum in Minnesota is once again holding a competition to crown the creepiest doll in their collection.

In Coast You Missed It 10/16/20

In Coast You Missed It 10/16/20picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Possible Ogopogo Sighting Reported

A Calgary man visiting family in British Columbia may have spotted Canada's version of the Loch Ness Monster known as Ogopogo.

Halloween 2020 Gallery Submissions

For Halloween 2020, we're seeking your spookiest artwork for a special C2C Gallery. Select images will be posted on the Coast website Halloween week. Send to submissions@coasttocoastam.com and let us know if you'd like us to include your email...

Twelve-Year-Old Boy Discovers Rare Dinosaur Skeleton in Canada

A twelve-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a paleontologist may be well on his way after discovering a rare dinosaur skeleton while out on a hike with his father.

Watch: Security Camera Films Shadow Person?

An eerie piece of footage captured by a home security camera shows a puzzling shadowy form that the homeowner suspects could be some kind of sinister entity.

Jetpack Flier Spotted Near LAX Again

The mysterious case of an individual spotted flying a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport has deepened considerably following a second sighting of an unidentified flying person in the sky over LAX.

Jason McLean Cryptid Drawings

Guest on the 10/14/20 show, Jason McLean, shares his drawings of various cryptids.

Video: Virgin Mary Chalk Drawing Mysteriously Reappears After 13 Years

In a strange story out of Mexico, a drawing of the Virgin Mary which was created using colored chalk back in 2007 has mysteriously reappeared.

Art Bell Vault: EVPs

Art Bell Vault: EVPspicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs wherein Art talks to Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath from the Ghost Investigators Society.

Owl Takes 'Unheard of' Ride on Helicopter

The pilot of a helicopter fighting California's wildfires could not believe his eyes when an owl flew into the craft while it was in mid-flight and stayed aboard for quite some time.

Cattle Mutilations Reported in Oklahoma

A pair of calves in Oklahoma are the latest victims of the mysterious cattle mutilation phenomenon and their owner is understandably outraged by their bizarre demise.

Machu Picchu Opened for Lone Japanese Tourist Stuck in Peru...

Machu Picchu Opened for Lone Japanese Tourist Stuck in Peru for 7 Monthspicture

After traveling to Peru earlier this year in the hopes of visiting Machu Picchu and becoming stranded in the country for seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic, a Japanese tourist was finally granted access to the site this week and given a...

Bigfoot Seen at Sequoia National Park?

A father and son admiring California's majestic redwood trees caught sight of an odd anomaly that they suspect could have been Bigfoot.

Video: Texas Home Transforms Into 'Island of Dolls' for Halloween

Video: Texas Home Transforms Into 'Island of Dolls' for Halloweenpicture

A couple in Texas came up with a clever and rather creepy concept for decorating their home this Halloween season: an homage to Mexico's famous 'Island of Dolls.'

Famed Canadian UFO Event Featured on Colorful New Coin

A legendary UFO sighting which took place in Canada over four decades ago is being celebrated by way of a colorful new coin.

'Cursed' Artifacts Returned to Pompeii

Several objects from the ruins at Pomeii were recently mailed to a travel agency in Italy by a Canadian woman who explained that she had stolen them 15 years ago and now wished to rid herself of what she believes is a curse attached to the artifacts.

Florida Hunters Bag Record Breaking Snake

Florida Hunters Bag Record Breaking Snakepicture

Two hunters have caught a record-breaking Burmese python in the Florida Everglades.


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