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Watch: Romanian Skier Chased by Bearpicture

Watch: Romanian Skier Chased by Bear

A young man skiing in Romania got quite the scare over the weekend when a bear emerged from some nearby woods and began chasing him down the mountain.

Categories: Nature, Environment & Earth Changes

Pakistani Airline Crew Spots 'Foo Fighter'

The crew of an airliner flying over Pakistan were bewildered when they looked out the window and spotted an odd white orb that some have likened to the legendary Foo Fighter phenomenon of World War II.

Volcanic Rock Sports Cookie Monster Face

The inside of a volcanic rock found in Brazil sports a stunning pattern of crystals which bear an uncanny resemblance to the iconic Cookie Monster character from Sesame Street.

Knapp's News 1/24/21

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including a piece that ponders whether Nikola Tesla had alien connections.

Giant Finback Whale Carcass Discovered in Mediterranean

Last weekend the Italian Coast Guard found the carcass of an enormous finback whale near the port of Sorrento.

Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow Offers Nearly $1 Million for...

Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow has launched an intriguing competition in search of evidence for the afterlife and has put up nearly $1 million which will be awarded to the winning entries.

In Coast You Missed It 1/22/21

In Coast You Missed It 1/22/21picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

'Mystery Creature' Photographed in Maine

A trail cam in Maine snapped a puzzling image of a creature that proved rather difficult to identify.

Black Panther Photographed in Australia?

A father and son out for a walk in an Australia swamp snapped a photograph of what they believe may be a black panther.

Twisted Telemarketer Targets Ohio Man

An Ohio man who lost his temper with a telemarketer wound up regretting it shortly thereafter when the person calling his house subsequently phoned the police pretending to be him confessing to a murder!

Oklahoma Lawmaker Files Bill to Establish Bigfoot Hunting Season

A member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives has filed a bill that calls for the establishment of a Bigfoot hunting season in the state.

Airline Passenger Films UFO Near-Miss

A dramatic video filmed by a passenger aboard an airliner flying over Switzerland shows what appears to be a near-miss with a UFO.

Art Bell Vault: Weather Control

Art Bell Vault: Weather Controlpicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs exploring weather control and exotic technology.

Cops in England Bust Group Making Late-Night Visit to Stonehenge

A group of people in England found themselves in hot water with the law when they defied the country's coronavirus lockdown in order to make a late-night visit to Stonehenge.

Watch: Odd Trio of UFOs Spotted in NYC

A curious video from New York City shows an odd trio of lights that appear to form a triangle in the night sky.

Library Puzzled by Baked Potato Mystery

The staff of a library in Massachusetts are asking the public for help in solving a strange mystery centered around, of all things, baked potatoes.

Could the Loch Ness Monster be an Ancient Sea Turtle?

A scientist who has spent decades researching the Loch Ness Monster has put forward a fascinating new theory which argues that the creature could be an ancient sea turtle.

10-Billion-Year-Old Exoplanet Discovered

Astronomers have identified a new rocky exoplanet, a so-called 'Super Earth' that is so old that it makes our world seem like a teenager. The newly revealed planet has an estimated age of 10 billion years, making it almost as old as the universe itself.

Knapp's News 1/17/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest including a piece about the looming deadline for a Pentagon report on UFOs.

Remote Viewing Experiment 3 - Mystery Object

During the 1/16/21 program, guest host Richard Syrett was invited by Douglas James Cottrell to remote view a mystery object sitting on his desk. This is the photo Cottrell provided of that object.

'American' Racing Pigeon's Life Spared After Australian...

In a bizarre twist to an already weird story, a racing pigeon thought to have flown from the United States to Australia and subsequently sentenced to death over concerns about bird diseases being brought to the country has been granted a reprieve...

In Coast You Missed It 1/15/21

In Coast You Missed It 1/15/21picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Bigfoot Spotted in British Columbia?

A group of friends in British Columbia who were traveling home on Christmas night claim that their journey came to a sudden stop when they spotted what they believe was a Sasquatch.

Racing Pigeon That Flew From America to Australia to be Euthanized

A racing pigeon from America that flew all the way to Australia will pay the ultimate price for its arduous quest for freedom as officials in the country plan to euthanize the bird out of fear that it might carry diseases.

Watch: Thawing Puddle in Ireland Produces Captivating 'Alien Illusion'

A children's author in Ireland could not believe her eyes when she stumbled upon a puddle that was thawing from below and, in the process, looked as if it were inhabited by some kind of mysterious alien creatures.

Flight Attendant from D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Revisits Infamous Caper

A flight attendant who played a key role in the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has granted a rare interview in which she revisits the infamous event.

Tim Swartz Materials 1/13/21

In tandem with his appearance on the 1/13/21 show, Tim Swartz shares images related to his presentation on UFOs and aliens.

Indonesian Cave Painting Could be World's Oldest Artwork...

Indonesian Cave Painting Could be World's Oldest Artwork Depicting an Animalpicture

An ancient drawing of a pig that was discovered in an Indonesian cave may be the world's oldest depiction of an animal.

Art Bell Vault: Bizarre Phenomena

Art Bell Vault: Bizarre Phenomenapicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of programs that explore human mutilations and time anomalies.

Watch: Airliner Nearly Collides with Balloon

A wild video circulating online shows a shockingly close encounter between an airliner and a colorful balloon that comes careening towards it in midair.


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