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'Most Haunted Village in England' Plagued by Littering Ghost Hunterspicture

'Most Haunted Village in England' Plagued by Littering Ghost Hunters

The proprietors of a patch of forest said to be located within the 'most haunted village in England' say that they are battling a problem more pernicious than sinister spirits: ghost hunters who have been leaving the area strewn with litter.

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Video: New Homeowner Finds Creepy Doll with Eerie Message Behind Wall

Video: New Homeowner Finds Creepy Doll with Eerie Message Behind Wallpicture

A new homeowner in England was understandably taken aback when he discovered a creepy doll with a rather eerie note hidden behind a wall in the residence.

Video: Nightmarish 'Rat King' Found in Russia

A Russian farmer surveying flood damage on his property stumbled upon a rather unnerving quirk of Mother Nature in the form of five rats that had gotten their tails tangled together to create what is known as a 'rat king.'

Ill-Conceived Clown-Themed Publicity Campaign Goes Wildly Awry...

Ill-Conceived Clown-Themed Publicity Campaign Goes Wildly Awry in Singaporepicture

A public speaking school in Singapore was forced to issue an apology after they inadvertently sparked a panic by way of an ill-conceived publicity campaign featuring people dressed as clowns.

Ghost Photographed at Former Civil War Hospital in Tennessee?

An eerie photograph circulating online may show an apparition lingering outside a building in Tennessee that once served as a Civil War hospital.

Knapp's News 9/19/21

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including articles on UFOs, dark magic, and the opioid epidemic.

Civilian SpaceX Flight Splashes Down

The first all-civilian crew aboard SpaceX's Dragon capsule returned to Earth safely Saturday evening, splashing down around 7:00 PM in the ocean waters near Florida.

In Coast You Missed It 9/17/21

In Coast You Missed It 9/17/21picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Video: Bigfoot Bandits Swipe Sasquatch Statue from Outside...

Bigfoot bandits have struck again, swiping a sizeable Sasquatch statue from outside a restaurant in Ohio.

Video: Cops Bust 'Michael Myers' on Texas Beach

Video: Cops Bust 'Michael Myers' on Texas Beachpicture

An attorney in Texas found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was cited for roaming a beach while dressed as infamous horror movie villain Michael Myers.

Divers Find No Sign of Legendary Amber Room in Sunken Nazi...

An exhaustive search of a sunken Nazi steamer ship suspected of possibly containing the Amber Room came up short with divers finding no sign of the legendary lost treasure.

Webcam Viewer in China Spots Nessie?

The latest potential Loch Ness Monster sighting is somewhat historic as, for the first time ever, the creature may have been spotted on the site's webcam by a person watching in China.

Art Bell Vault: Jesus in North America & the Jamison Psychic Twins

Art Bell Vault: Jesus in North America & the Jamison Psychic Twinspicture

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week are a pair of classic programs featuring William Henry talking about Jesus in North America and the Jamison psychic twins sharing their forecast for the future.

Forgetful Ghost Hunters Accidentally Spark Bomb Scare at British Museum

A group of absent-minded ghost hunters caused a bit of a panic at a museum in Britain after they accidentally left behind a piece of equipment from their paranormal investigation and some suspected that the odd device could have been a bomb.

Viral 'Beaning' Craze Sweeps Britain

Authorities in England are sounding the alarm over a strange trend that started with a bizarre case of baked bean vandalism earlier this summer and has now become a bonafide craze throughout the country.

Pennsylvania Boy Hunting for Treasure Finds Hand Grenade in Backyard

Pennsylvania Boy Hunting for Treasure Finds Hand Grenade in Backyardpicture

A Pennsylvania boy who was hunting for treasure in his backyard over the weekend made a rather unusual discovery in the form of a hand grenade that had somehow gone unnoticed on the property.

Prison Inmate Reports Odd UFO Sighting

An inmate at a prison in England claims that a UFO appeared outside the facility and caused a weird physical effect on the bewildered witnesses who saw the curious object.

Haunted House Boasting Nine Ghosts Goes on the Market in...

A residence in upstate New York that is purportedly home to a whopping nine ghosts has gone on the market with a rather weird asking price.

'Alien Sighting' in Kentucky Sparks Gunfire

In a bizarre story out of Kentucky, cops arrested a man for firing a gun from a hotel window and, when questioned by police, he claimed that aliens were to blame for the shooting.

New Archaeological Dig to be Conducted at 'Lost Colony of Roanoke' Site

A team of archaeologists are set to conduct a new dig at the lost colony of Roanoke site in the hopes of unearthing new clues to the centuries-old mystery.

New Bioscience Company Raises $15 Million to Revive Woolly Mammoth

Boasting a whopping $15 million in funding, a newly formed bioscience company hopes to bring the woolly mammoth back from extinction.

42 ET-Seeking Telescopes in the Path of California Wildfire

The wildfires ravaging California over the past several years are reportedly getting close to claiming another casualty: research into life beyond planet Earth.

Astronomers capture detailed images of 'dog-bone' asteroid

Astronomers using the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile have captured the most detailed images yet of a dog bone-shaped asteroid named Kleopatra.

In Coast You Missed It 9/10/21

In Coast You Missed It 9/10/21picture

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Jar of Elvis Presley's Hair Sells for Staggering $72,500 at Auction

In a testament to the enduring popularity of Elvis Presley, a jar of the late King of Rock and Roll's hair was recently sold for a staggering $72,500 at an auction of such one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

Video: Researcher Unearths Decades-Old Recording of 'Talking' Duck

A remarkable recording of a musk duck uttering the phrase "you bloody fool" has amazed researchers as it is reportedly the first documentation of such a creature demonstrating the ability to mimic human speech.

Video: Ghost Rolls Ball Away from Dog?

A visitor to a dog park in England filmed a strange moment wherein a ball that her French Bulldog was chasing took an inexplicably sharp turn and some suspect that the pooch may have encountered a playful spirit.

Watch: Eerie 'Pillar of Light' Appears in Sky Over Chinese City

Travelers on an overpass in China were stopped in their tracks when they spotted what appeared to be an eerie pillar of light that mysteriously appeared in the sky.

Video: Chinese Government Orders Hugely Expensive Relocation...

Video: Chinese Government Orders Hugely Expensive Relocation of Enormous Statuepicture

Confirming that wasteful government spending and bureaucratic boondoggles occur in all nations around the world, officials in China have ordered the relocation of an enormous statue and the process is going to cost nearly as much as it did to...


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