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Alternative Medicine & Health

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Lab Grown Kidney

Apr 15, 2013

A laboratory-grown kidney has been successfully transplanted into a rat, and shown some effectiveness at filtering blood.

Knapp's News 10/21/12

Oct 21, 2012

Check out a number of items that have recently caught George Knapp's attention including reports about top stories ignored by the media, and a mysterious location in the Nevada desert.

Clifford Carnicom Images

Jan 27, 2012

Clifford Carnicom sent us several images, including one showing a comparison of contrails vs. aerosol spray, to accompany his appearance on the 1/27/12 show.

Knapp's News 12-26-11

Dec 26, 2011

Check out some of the items that have caught George Knapp's attention, including articles about a Russian satellite crash, and a Grand Canyon mystery.

Grier Images

Sep 14, 2011

Tonight's guest, Tom Grier, shares these images which came from the brain autopsy of a man afflicted with Lyme disease. Grier tells us, "attached are autopsy photos of the Lyme bacterium inside human neurons. This is a very big concept in microbiology and...

George & Fans at Health Expo

Jun 13, 2011

"I had a great time at the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago with thousands of Coast listeners...who are very concerned and aware of health and health related issues."

--George Noory

Baby Born with External Heart

Mar 15, 2011

Xin Xin, a two-month-old baby in China, was born with an extremely rare condition where his heart is growing on the outside of his body

Alien Hand Syndrome

Jan 22, 2011

Karen Byrne, a 55-year-old from New Jersey, has suffered from Alien Hand Syndrome for almost two decades, ever since she underwent an operation to cure her epilepsy.

Knapp's News 10/17/10

Oct 17, 2010

A number of items have recently caught George Knapp's attention, including articles on a homemade spacecraft (video still taken from craft pictured), global warming fraud, and a Serbian boy who suddenly starting speaking English.

Woman grows back severed finger tip

Sep 11, 2010

When a slammed door cut off part of Deepa Kulkarni's finger, doctors told her they would not be able to reattach the missing piece and even recommended amputating more of the injured finger...

Knapp's News 8/15/10

Aug 15, 2010

Check out some of the items that have recently caught George Knapp's attention, including articles on a Google exec purchasing a spy drone (pictured), and the Brazilian Air Force openly recognizing the UFO phenomenon...

Bionic Legs Help Paralyzed Man Walk

Jul 17, 2010

Hayden Allen, who had been told he would never walk again after injuring his spinal cord in a motorcycle accident, can now stand, walk, and even go up and down steps thanks to a pair of robotic legs. The revolutionary invention, dubbed Rex (Robotic...

Snapshot Saves Boy's Life

Jun 3, 2010

A snapshot of a two-year old boy on holiday led to the discovery of a cancerous tumor in his eye, though he had no outward signs of being ill. The boy's grandmother, reviewing the photos, noticed a white shadow in the right eye...

Knapp's News 5/16/10

May 16, 2010

Check out some of the links that have recently caught George Knapp's attention, including articles on a fossil of a primate's unusual teeth (pictured), a girl who doesn't age, and a video of mysterious lights in Ohio...

Knapp's News 4/25/10

Apr 25, 2010

A number of items have caught George Knapp's attention recently including, Jill Tarter's TED speech on the search for extraterrestrial life (pictured), psychedelics being used to help the terminally ill...

The New Swine Flu

Apr 27, 2009

The new outbreak of swine flu is associated with a never-seen-before strain of influenza A virus.

Truth Heals Chart

Apr 8, 2009

We received a Truth Heals Chart from Deborah King, which explores the relationship between physical problems and the human energy centers or chakras.

The Prayer List

Mar 17, 2009

People send emails to George Noory for someone they care about to be put on the weekly prayer list. And on Fridays, members of the C2C mass audience pray, at their own moment, concentrating on the list that George keeps personally

Paraplegic Man Walks Again

Mar 13, 2009

A man confined to a wheelchair for the last 20 years can walk again after being bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. The potentially deadly bite put paraplegic David Blancarte in the hospital, where a nurse noticed his leg spasm and ran a test on him. Five...

Video: Fluoride Concerns

Mar 6, 2009

In this short video clip, Dr. Bill Osmunson, a general and cosmetic dentist, explains his concerns about fluoride in tap water and toothpaste.

Holiday Half-Truths

Dec 20, 2008

Poison poinsettias, body heat escaping through your head, and an upsurge in suicides are just a few of the commonly held beliefs from the holiday season that researchers have deemed "medical myths." The New York Times has more on the story.

'Star Trek' Medicine

Oct 15, 2007

While researching his book Virtual Medicine, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby came across the Russian 'SCENAR' machine, which calls to mind the hand-held healing device on Star Trek. The SCENAR was developed by the Russian military and interacts with the body's...

Diet & Longevity

Nov 21, 2004

Researchers who have studied the effects of caloric restriction (CR) are convinced that a diet limited in calories but possessing all necessary nutrients can extend the lifespan of a variety of organisms, possibly even humans.According to a online report...