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Creatures, Myths & Legends

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Watch: Driver Films Loch Ness Monster?

Apr 18, 2019

A Scottish man driving along a highway overlooking Loch Ness believes that he may have spotted the location's legendary monster.

Chupacabra Slays 71 Farm Animals?

Apr 17, 2019

A farmer in Mexico lost an astounding 71 animals to a mysterious nocturnal predator that some suspect could be the infamous chupacabra.

Video: Another Big Cat Spotted in Britain

Apr 16, 2019

For the fifth time in the last two weeks, another big cat sighting has occurred in Britain.

Video: ESPN Spotlights Annual Sasquatch Calling Competition

Apr 12, 2019

An annual Sasquatch calling contest held in upstate New York finds itself in an almost-Bigfoot-sized spotlight thanks to a wildly entertaining profile from ESPN.

Webcam Watcher Spots Nessie Again

Apr 3, 2019

An avid viewer of a webcam aimed at Loch Ness says that he has successfully spotted the site's resident 'monster' for the second time in less than a month.

Australian Couple Spots Downed Yowie?

Apr 3, 2019

A husband and wife in Australia believe that they narrowly missed hitting a seemingly injured Yowie that they spotted in the road during a drive home.

Watch: Sasquatch Filmed in Utah?

Apr 1, 2019

An intriguing piece of footage from Utah appears to show a creature of some kind ascending a snowy mountain and some suspect that the oddity could be a Bigfoot.

Second Bigfoot Print Found in Argentina?

Mar 29, 2019

For the second time this month, a mysterious humanoid footprint has been found in Argentina and, once again, a Bigfoot-like creature is suspected of being the source.

Chupacabra Suspected of Killing Second Person in Honduras

Mar 25, 2019

A month after being blamed for the mysterious death of a farm worker in a Honduran village, the infamous chupacabra is suspected of killing yet another person in a nearby community.

Authorities Hunt for Bigfoot in Argentina?

Mar 22, 2019

A strange saga unfolding in Argentina has seen police mobilize in search of a mysterious creature that might be a Bigfoot.

Yowie Handprint Found on Jeep?

Mar 21, 2019

An intriguing image from Australia may show the massive handprint of the country's resident Bigfoot-like creature known as the Yowie.

Free Audio: Slenderman Tales

Mar 13, 2019

In this hour, Nick Redfern reports on a scary thought-form that may have stepped into reality.

Video: Set of Sasquatch Tracks Found?

Mar 8, 2019

A man in Washington state suspects that he may have stumbled upon evidence of Sasquatch in the form of a curious set of tracks found in some rather deep snow.

Nessie Spotted Twice in Five Days

Mar 5, 2019

The legendary Loch Ness Monster is making waves once again after the beloved cryptid was spotted on two different occasions over the course of just five days.

Chupacabra Kills Man in Honduras?

Feb 25, 2019

In a bizarre story out of Honduras, the strange death of a farmer in a small village has left residents wondering if he could have fallen victim to the infamous chupacabra

'Lake Monster' Sparks Panic in China

Feb 19, 2019

Sightings of a strange-looking fish lurking in a Chinese lake sparked something of a panic as residents were warned to avoid swimming at the spot due to the monstrous creature.

Yowie Hair Found on Fence?

Feb 19, 2019

A cryptozoologist in Australia believes that he may have recovered hair from the elusive 'Bigfoot of Down Under' known as the Yowie.

Video: A Dog with Two Mouths

Feb 18, 2019

Toad, a five-year-old pit bull mix, has an extra mouth where her right ear would ordinarily be.

Australian Woman Recalls Chilling Encounter with an Agitated Yowie

Feb 7, 2019

A woman in Australia has come forward with a truly terrifying tale of encountering an agitated Yowie that, she claims, violently shoved her down a hill!

How Does Bigfoot Survive the Winter?

Jan 30, 2019

With a polar vortex causing temperatures to plunge throughout the Midwest and storms undoubtedly set to blanket the country with snow over the course of the winter, one can't help but wonder how Sasquatch, should the creature exist, endures these extreme...

Video: Strange Creature Remains Found in Colombian Village

Jan 28, 2019

Residents of a village in Colombia were left scratching their heads and a bit unsettled following the discovery of the strange remains of a mysterious creature that some suspect could be a chupacabras.

Truck Driver Encounters Angry Yowie?

Jan 24, 2019

A truck driver from Queensland, Australia claims to have had a rather harrowing encounter with the proverbial 'Bigfoot of Down Under' known as the Yowie.

Watch: Sasquatch Spotted in Utah?

Jan 23, 2019

An intriguing piece of footage out of Utah appears to show a sizeable creature lurking on the side of a mountain and some suspect that the beast could be Sasquatch.

Panther Tries to Attack Man in England?

Jan 22, 2019

A man in England claims that he was targeted by a massive panther-like cat that attempted to get a hold of him by reaching through a window.

New Video from Connie Willis

Jan 21, 2019

Explore the Rockies in search of the elusive creature.

Watch: Divers Swim with Largest Great White Shark

Jan 19, 2019

A team of researchers in Hawaii came face-to-face with an enormous great white.

Unearthed Tasmanian Tiger Skin Sold for Whopping Sum

Jan 16, 2019

A family in New Zealand were pleasantly surprised when they discovered that they had been unknowingly in possession of a valuable Tasmanian Tiger skin for decades.

Bigfoot Statue Bewilders Drivers

Jan 11, 2019

A series of breathtless Bigfoot reports in a North Carolina town led to authorities issuing a statement assuring residents that the legendary creature was not lurking on the outskirts of their community and that they were, in fact, seeing a statue.

Tasmanian Tiger Photographed?

Jan 7, 2019

An Australian man suspects that he may have encountered and photographed the infamous Tasmanian Tiger.

Celebrating the Many 'Sea Monster' Sightings of 2018

Dec 28, 2018

While we can always count on Bigfoot to make news throughout the year, its aquatic kin in the cryptid world, sea monsters, were also surprisingly busy in 2018.

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