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Video: Easter Island Statues Are At Risk

Mar 17, 2018

The "Moai" statues of Easter Island are threatened by rising sea levels.

Categories: Ancient World, Nature, Environment & Earth Changes
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C2C Audio: Mysteries of Ancient Stone Circles

Check out this free hour from our February 1st show with Michael Tellinger!

Watch: 'Ghost Train' Filmed in China

Security camera footage from a train station in China appears to show a rather odd apparition: a ghost train!

In Coast You Missed It 3/16/18

Mar 16, 2018

Chilling tales of ET encounters and demonic possession as well as strange stories concerning a Russian celebrity psychic and a plethora of ghost videos were among the highlights from this past week at C2C. Check out our weekly round-up known as 'In Coast...

Three Tons of Gold Bars Fall From Russian Cargo Plane

Mar 16, 2018

A bizarre incident in the sky over Siberia saw nearly 200 gold bars tear through a cargo plane and plummet to the ground.

Watch: Ghost Filmed Aboard Historic British Warship?

A visitor to the historic British warship the HMS Victory suspects that he may have captured footage of a ghost lurking aboard the iconic vessel.

'World Contact Day' Turns 65

Today marks the 65th edition of an odd 'holiday' which boasts an even stranger origin story: 'World Contact Day.'

Zombie-Free Home For Sale in Canada

Mar 15, 2018

A Canadian man has come up with a rather clever way of garnering attention for a home he is trying to sell: by including a 30-day zombie-free guarantee with the property.

Indian Hospital Under Fire for Enlisting Witch Doctor in the ICU

Mar 14, 2018

The death of a woman at a hospital in India has turned into something of a strange scandal after it was revealed that her attending physician enlisted a witch doctor for help.

Video: 'Humoctopus' Terrifies Washington Elementary School

Mar 14, 2018

Students at an elementary school in Washington state were given quite the scare this week when the building's PA system was suddenly commandeered by an 'evil, time-traveling human-octopus hybrid.'

YouTube to Use Wikipedia to Thwart Conspiracy Theory Videos

In a somewhat chilling turn of events, YouTube has announced plans to feature information from Wikipedia alongside videos about conspiracy theories in an effort to debunk them.

Instapoll: Debate of Howard Bloom vs. John M. Curtis

Mar 14, 2018

Which guest do you think is winning this debate on current issues?

Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson Debunks the Flat Earth Theory

Astrophysicist and science popularizer Neil deGrasse Tyson recently took aim at the Flat Earth conspiracy and attempted to debunk the controversial concept once and for all.

Watch: Eerie Anomaly Filmed by Dascham in Singapore

A strange piece of dashcam footage from a car in Singapore may show an apparition lingering on the median of a busy roadway.

Removal of 'Kangaroo Crossing' Sign Causes Controversy in Ohio

Mar 13, 2018

An odd controversy has erupted in an Ohio city after officials removed a 'Kangaroo Crossing' sign that had become something of a local landmark.

Mysterious Bones Linked to Amelia Earhart Again

The infamous Amelia Earhart mystery is making headlines once again thanks to a new study that appears to shed light on her ultimate fate.

Possession of 'Magic Salt' Lands Russian Celebrity Psychic in Jail

The weird world of celebrity psychics in Russia was rocked this past week when a famous clairvoyant-turned-fugitive was finally captured.

Phantom Dog Filmed in England?

A paranormal research group in England have obtained footage of what they believe could be a phantom dog!

Live Chat w/George Noory & Heidi Hollis

Coast Insiders, join us for a Live Chat this Tuesday night with George Noory and Heidi Hollis.

Monstrous 'Mystery Fish' Washes Ashore in Australia

An Australian couple walking along a beach in Queensland were aghast when they stumbled upon the enormous remains of a fish that left them scratching their heads.

Video: Strange Fog Appears In Hong Kong Dashcam Video

Mar 10, 2018

Did an unknown phenomenon cause a cab to run off the road?

Pentagon Releases New UFO Video

The Pentagon has approved release of a third UFO video.

Video: When Alien Abductee Was a Guest on "To Tell the Truth"

In 1966, Barney Hill and two "imposters" appeared on the CBS game show.

'Time Travelers' Tell More Tall Tales

Mar 7, 2018

The bizarre spate of 'whistleblowing time travelers' since the start of the year has continued over the last few weeks with more and more 'future men' sharing increasingly fantastic tales.

Numerous Alexa Owners Report Creepy Laugh Coming from Device

As Amazon's wildly popular 'intelligent personal assistant' Alexa finds its way into more and more homes, reports of weird activity emanating from the device have begun to emerge.

Phantom Hitchhiker Encounter Makes Headlines in Argentina

In a strange story out of Argentina, a motorist claims to have provided a ride to a phantom hitchhiker and actually produced some purported evidence from the eerie encounter.

Video: World's Oldest Message in a Bottle Found in Australia

Mar 6, 2018

A woman walking along a beach in Australia stumbled upon a message in a bottle that was written 132 years ago!

Hiker in Australia Takes Photograph of a Yowie?

An Australian man hiking at an infamous location that was once the site of a massive massacre may have snapped a photo of the country's resident Bigfoot-like creature known as a Yowie.

Bizarre Garlic 'Exorcism' Turns Fatal

Mar 6, 2018

Authorities in Vietnam have arrested a pop singer accused of killing a woman in a bizarre exorcism gone wrong.

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