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Distorted Exoplanet May Have Football-Like Shape

8 hours ago

In the strange world of exoplanets, we are discovering that some may have very unusual shapes.

Category: Science, Space & Technology
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Emerging Artists 4/5/20

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

Photo: Hubble Captures 'Cannibal' Galaxy

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured a stunning image of a spiral galaxy known as NGC 4651.

Watch: Odd Trio of UFOs Filmed by Dashcam in South Korea

An intriguing dashcam video from a driver in South Korea shows a trio of lights mysteriously appear in the night sky before vanishing into thin air.

In Coast You Missed It 4/3/20

Apr 3, 2020

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Unsettling 'Venom' Slime Caught on Film

A bizarre piece of footage featuring a slimy black creature undulating on a rock has captured the imagination of the internet thanks to its unsettling resemblance to the sinister symbiote from the film Venom.

Ecuador's Tallest Waterfall Vanishes

An enormous waterfall in Ecuador has disappeared due to a sinkhole that disrupted the flow of the river feeding into the iconic location.

Mystery Creature Sparks Panic in India

Residents of several villages in India are on edge following a series of strange incidents that are being blamed on a mystery creature.

Video: 'Aliens' Share Quarantine Tips

If tales of crashed flying saucers and extraterrestrial visitors being held captive by the government are to be believed, it stands to reason that these aliens would know a thing or two about surviving under quarantine.

Video: 'Ghosts' Enlisted to Guard Indonesian Village on Lockdown

An Indonesian village practicing self-isolation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has tasked a pair of people dressed as ghosts with guarding the community.

Art Bell Vault: UFO Disclosure

Apr 1, 2020

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week: programs on UFO disclosure.

Watch: Seven Dazzling New Peacock Spider Species Discovered

A scientist in Australia has identified seven new peacock spider species including one which bears an uncanny resemblance to Van Gogh's iconic painting Starry Night.

Video: Egypt Illuminates Great Pyramid with Messages of Solidarity

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Egyptian officials illuminated the iconic Great Pyramid of Giza with messages of solidarity to the world.

Multiple Bigfoot Sightings Reported at Oklahoma Urban Wilderness Area

Several people visiting a hiking destination in Oklahoma over the weekend claim to have spotted what they believe may have been Bigfoot.

Watch: Wild Goats Invade Welsh Town

A town in Wales on lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has been overrun by dozens of wild goats.

Malaysian 'Ghost' Scares Teenagers Breaking Coronavirus Lockdown

Concerned about youngsters in his community not adhering to the country's coronavirus lockdown, a Malaysian man attempted to scare them straight and wound up causing something of a ghost panic.

Watch: Soccer Star Spots 'UFO'

A retired soccer star in England sparked something of a stir on social media last week when he shared a strange video of a mysterious glowing light that he spotted in the night sky.

Washington State Man Arrested While 'Teaching Dog to Drive'

Mar 30, 2020

Authorities in Washington state were understandably surprised when they caught up to a man who had led them on a high-speed chase and discovered that his dog was behind the wheel.

Knapp's News 3/29/20

George Knapp shared a number of recent items of interest.

Dreams and Nightmares in the Age of Coronavirus

Mar 28, 2020

Web Producer Lex is seeking contributions for an article he's writing about nightmares during the pandemic.

Knapp's News 3/28/20

Mar 28, 2020

George Knapp shares a number of recent items of interest, including articles by tonight's guests, Wayne Pacelle and Bryan Walsh.

Mysterious Ancient Wooden Structure Found at Angkor Wat

Mar 27, 2020

A restoration project at the Cambodian Hindu temple complex known as Angkor Wat inadvertently led to the discovery of a mysterious thousand-year-old structure.

In Coast You Missed It 3/27/20

Mar 27, 2020

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Flying Humanoid Filmed in Arizona?

A strange video from Arizona shows a puzzling object floating in the sky and some observers suspect that it could be a flying humanoid.

Video: California County Debates Resolution to Protect Bigfoot

In a bizarre bit of local politics, the supervisors of a county in California recently had a lengthy debate over whether or not to pass a resolution that would punish any individuals who purposely kill a Bigfoot.

New Species of Ancient Flying Reptiles Discovered in Africa

An international team of researchers have identified a trio of heretofore undiscovered flying reptiles that roamed the skies during the time of the dinosaurs.

Cluster of UFOs Spotted in Washington

A curious video filmed in Washington state seems to show a cluster of UFOs hovering in the night sky in a fashion eerily similar to a case from Texas earlier this month.

Fenn Treasure Claims Fifth Victim

A Colorado man became the fifth individual to die in pursuit of the infamous Fenn Treasure when his journey into the wilderness took a tragic turn.

Foo Fighters Claim Mischievous Ghost Haunted New Album Recording Sessions

Dave Grohl of the legendary rock band the Foo Fighters claims that a trouble-making ghost kept disrupting the group's work as they were recording their most recent album.

Art Bell Vault: Threats From Space

Mar 25, 2020

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week: programs on asteroids and solar storms.