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Live Chat w/George Noory & Mr. Lobo

Nov 12, 2017

Mr. Lobo joins our Live Chat with George Noory this Tuesday night at 8p PT/11p ET.

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SETI Project Plans to Give Interstellar Asteroid a 'Listen'

An ambitious project aimed as searching for signs of ET life is turning its attention to the odd interstellar asteroid known as 'Oumuamua.

Thylacine DNA Study Could Lead to a Tasmanian Tiger Revival

The legendary Tasmanian Tiger may have literally been given a new lease on life thanks to the efforts of scientists who have successfully mapped the creatures genome.

Watch: Scuba Diver Buzzed by Great White Shark?

Amazing footage from South Africa allegedly shows a scuba diver having a scary encounter.

Another Mystery Foot Found in BC

Dec 10, 2017

A dismembered foot discovered on a beach in British Columbia is the latest chapter in what has been a bizarre ongoing mystery for the last decade.

Rescuers Retrieve Dog from Tree After Squirrel Leads it Astray

Dec 9, 2017

A determined dog in pursuit of a squirrel found himself in a pretty precarious position when he wound up stuck 20 feet up in a tree and too terrified to return to terra firma.

Man Gets His Head Stuck in Cement-Filled Microwave

Dec 8, 2017

In a rather bizarre rescue call, firefighters in England saved a young man who had gotten his head stuck in a cement-filled microwave!

'Ghost Child' Filmed in England?

A paranormal team in England suspects that they may have filmed the spirit of a child as a haunted location that once served as a home for students.

Survey Sheds Light on ET Beliefs

A remarkable new survey on the possibility of extraterrestrial life has produced some thought-provoking results.

Scientists Spot Strange Black Hole

Researchers gazing into the vastness of space have discovered an intriguing supermassive black hole that has left astronomers scratching their heads.

Giant Bigfoot Statue Unveiled in NY

A town in New York state with an affinity for Bigfoot now boasts a monstrous tribute to the famed cryptid by way of a massive Sasquatch statue.

Massive Python Bagged in Florida

A trio of hunters working to reduce Florida's worrisome python population bagged a monstrous 17-foot-long serpent that is the stuff of nightmares.

Ghost Appears in Selfie at Haunted Plantation?

A group selfie taken by visitors to a notoriously haunted plantation in Louisiana appears to show the face of one of the site's resident spirits.

Watch: Monkeys Swarm Thai Street

An amazing video out of Thailand shows a massive troop of monkeys take to the streets after being frightened by fireworks.

Bizarre New Dinosaur Discovered

Paleontologists have discovered a strange-looking new dinosaur species that has amazed experts and boasts quite the odd origin story.

Odd 'Ball' Spotted on Mars

Anomaly hunters studying images from Mars believe they have spotted yet another out-of-place item in the form of an eye-catching ball of some kind on the surface of the Red Planet.

Trinidad 'Pond Monster' Unmasked

A mysterious creature that struck fear in the hearts of fisherman in Trinidad for nearly a year has finally been identified as merely being a bizarre-looking bird.

Grinch Steals Elf in New Hampshire

It appears that a real-life Grinch is on the loose in New Hampshire as a beloved life-sized 'Elf on a Shelf' has been stolen.

Could a Ouija Board Contact Black Eyed Children?

A pair of paranormal investigators in England have announced plans to try and contact the infamous Black Eyed Kids using, of all things, a Ouija Board.

Massive Mysterious Stick Structures Concern Forest Officials in NM

Officials from the Santa Fe National Forest are sounding the alarm over strange stick structures that keep being built at the site.

'Flying Saucer' Photographed in Slovakia

A father and son out for a drive in a picturesque part of Slovakia suspect that they may have inadvertently captured a flying saucer in one of their photos.

Chinese Zoo Boasts Bizarre 'Birds'

Dec 3, 2017

The highly anticipated grand opening of a zoo in China turned out to be a rather deflating experience for patrons.

Emerging Artists 12/3/17

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections.

Car Stolen in 1991 Found in Forest

An Oregon man walking in the woods made a startling discovery when he stumbled upon a Porsche that had been reported stolen an astounding 27 years ago!

Record-Breaking Rainbow Appears Over Taipei

Residents of the Taiwan capital of Taipei were treated to a record-breaking sight yesterday as the longest-lasting rainbow in history hovered over the city.

Odd Activity Observed at Area 51

Dec 1, 2017

Aviation enthusiasts with an eye on Area 51 have spotted strange developments at the base which suggest that a new kind of secret project may be underway.

Police Thwart Washington Man's War on Sinister 'Lizard People'

Authorities in a Tacoma, Washington suburb had a rather bizarre encounter last weekend when they subdued an armed man preparing to go to war with 'lizard people.'

Serial Cow Killer Haunts Hawaiians

Nov 30, 2017

Cattle ranchers on Hawaii's Big Island say that a sinister individual or group has been killing their cows in a strange fashion for the last few years and that authorities are unwilling or unable to stop it.

Video: Mass Hysteria Erupts at School in Argentina

Nov 30, 2017

Nearly a dozen teenage girls at a school in Argentina were spellbound by some kind of unsettling mass hysteria that left teachers and parents scratching their heads.

Chinese Man Has Smog Fan Plan

Nov 30, 2017

An imaginative inventor in China has filed paperwork for a patent on a bizarre plan which he believes could solve Beijing's smog problem once and for all.

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John Potash detailed a government conspiracy to drug left wing artists. Psychic Sloan Bella discussed her work with celebrities and missing persons cases.

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