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Cartoon Characters in Real Life

8 hours ago

Artist Miguel Vasquez recently posted his bulging-eyed Homer Simpson to Twitter.

Category: Weird & Bizarre
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NASA Spots 'Muppet' on Mars

It appears that rogue researchers aren't the only ones who can find intriguing oddities on the Mars as NASA recently shared an image of what appears to be an iconic Muppet character on the surface of the Red Planet.

In Coast You Missed It 8/17/18

Aug 17, 2018

Check out these highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

NASCAR Star Says a Spirit Rescued Him from a Fiery Car Crash

Retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently shared a remarkable story about how he was saved from a fiery car wreck by an unseen force that he suspects was a ghost.

Free Audio: The Enfield Poltergeist

Enjoy this excerpt from April when Roz Morris and Richard Grosse discussed the eerie UK poltergeist case.

Haunted Jail for Sale

The historic Carbon County Jail in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania purportedly boasts a number of spirits left behind from its time as a correctional institution and, for a mere $749,000 dollars, the site and its resident ghosts could be yours.

North Carolina UFO Gets 'Deflated'

The mystery surrounding a UFO video that went viral this week has been solved and it turns out that the 'flying saucer' was actually a rather iconic denizen of the skies: the Goodyear Blimp.

Colorado Cops Get Creepy 911 Call

Aug 16, 2018

A police department in Colorado recently found themselves at the center of a rather spooky story reminiscent of something one might hear while sitting around the campfire.

Video: Weird Sea Creature Remains Wash Ashore in Siberia

The massive remains of a mysterious sea creature that washed ashore in Siberia has left local residents baffled by its bizarre appearance and aghast at its smell.

Stone-Throwing Poltergeist Plagues Romanian Village?

A community in Romania is on edge following an odd series of events involving what some believe to be a poltergeist that is pelting a home with stones.

Alien Sighting Reported in Ohio

Aug 14, 2018

In a bizarre report filed to the Ohio chapter of MUFON, an anonymous witness claims to have possibly spotted an alien crossing a highway!

Conspiracy Theorist's Computer 'Wiped' After His Mysterious Death

In a rather curious development, it has been revealed that the computer of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers was 'wiped' by authorities following his mysterious death.

Video: UFO Filmed Over NC Lake

A strange video purportedly showing a rather sizeable UFO hovering over a lake in North Carolina has spawned gasps from some ET enthusiasts and groans from skeptical viewers.

Live Chat with Jimmy Church

Coast Insiders join us for a Live Chat this Wed. night 8pm PT/11pm ET with special guest, Jimmy Church.

Watch: Security Camera Films Eerie 'Shadow Person'

In the eerie footage, a dark figure can clearly be seen seemingly materializing out of nowhere on a sidewalk and then stepping out into the road in front of oncoming traffic

Flat Earth Fans Convene in Canada

Flat Earth enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Canada at the end of last week for the country's first-ever conference devoted to the controversial conspiracy theory.

Bigfoot Spotted in Upstate NY

A community in upstate New York with a long history of Bigfoot sightings may have yet another encounter to add to the list.

Second Sphinx Possibly Found

A second sphinx may have been discovered in Egypt, dating back as far as 4,000 years ago.

Watch Live: NASA's Mission To Touch The Sun

This Sunday morning at 3:31am ET, NASA will once again attempt to launch the Parker Solar Probe.

NASA Astronaut Recalls Seeing 'Alien-Like' Object in Space

A NASA astronaut who flew on two space shuttle missions has ignited the imagination of UFO enthusiasts after revealing that he once spotted something "alien-like" out in space.

In Coast You Missed It 8/10/18

Aug 10, 2018

Check out our collection of highlights from the past week of C2C ... In Coast You Missed It.

Cops 'Save' Man from Baby Squirrel

A man in Germany is likely getting a good amount of grief from his friends after he was forced to call police for help because he was being stalked by a baby squirrel!

Free Audio: 'Tic Tac' UFO Incidents

Enjoy this excerpt from June when Kevin Day told George Knapp about the military 'Tic Tac' UFOs.

Bigfoot Growl Caught on Tape?

An odd video circulating online features the monstrous sounds of an animal lurking in a forest and some suspect that the creature could be a Bigfoot.

Video: Diver Spots Strange USO in the Bermuda Triangle

A diver scouring the ocean floor for lost shipwrecks around the Bermuda Triangle, of all places,stumbled upon something strange that left him wondering if it may have come from outer space.

Watch: Eerie Sea Creature Washes Ashore in Vietnam

A tour guide walking along a beach in Vietnam found a bizarre sea creature that seems to be covered in creepy tentacles.

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations Reported in Argentina

A farmer in Argentina lost seven cows under mysterious circumstances which appear to be connected to the cattle mutilation phenomenon.

Rare Audio Reveals New Insights on Iconic Australian UFO Case

A fascinating piece of audio concerning an iconic Australian UFO case has surfaced online and sheds new light on the legendary event known as the 'Westall Incident.'

Strange Sea Creature Encounter Revisited by Last Living Witness

The last living witness to a bizarre series of sea creature sightings that took place decades ago revisited his remarkable experience at a recent UFO conference in Canada.

Treasure Hunter Unearths Trouble

Aug 7, 2018

A Pennsylvania man who is positive that he has determined the location of the legendary Fenn Treasure found his quest thwarted by authorities.

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