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Is Pluto a giant comet?

13 hours ago

Pluto may have been formed as the result of a collision between one billion comets.

Category: Science, Space & Technology
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Experts Baffled by Strange Wolf-Life Creature Shot and Killed in Montana

An odd canid of some kind was shot and killed on a ranch in Montana and its unique appearance has left experts baffled as to its true nature.

Mystery of the Turkish 'Crying Cemetery Girl' Solved

May 25, 2018

The case of a mysterious girl spotted crying at a cemetery in Turkey has been solved and, as one might imagine, the tale has a rather sad conclusion.

In Coast You Missed It 5/25/18

May 25, 2018

From the lost treasure of Montezuma and the unnerving world of underground human organ trade to Nessie being hunted by DNA-seekers and an infamous conspiracy theory seemingly being pronounced dead, it was another whirlwind week of weird here at Coast to...

Infamous Curse Haunts Man Who Stole Rock from Sacred Site

An Australian man believes that his misguided desire for a memento while visiting a sacred site has unleashed an infamous curse upon his life and he's willing to travel a great distance to make amends.

Weird Creature Found in Wales

The latest entry in nature's proverbial game show 'weird things that wash ashore' comes by way of Wales in the form of a particularly gruesome dead creature.

Police Station CCTV Films Ghost?

A puzzling piece of security camera footage from a police station in Serbia left officers scratching their heads as it appears to show some kind of apparition floating between jail cells.

Religious Icons Survive Church Fire

May 23, 2018

Firefighters battling a blaze at a church in Serbia were stunned to discover that three religious icons had shockingly survived the inferno.

PA Becomes Latest Location to be Baffled by Mystery Booms

May 23, 2018

Authorities in Pennsylvania are at their wit's end over a series of mystery booms that have plagued parts of the state for weeks and now hope that the FBI can help provide some answers.

DNA Study Aims to Unlock the Loch Ness Monster Mystery

Already something of a mystery buster, the science behind DNA may soon add another proverbial trophy to its collection: the Loch Ness Monster.

New Study Confirming Hitler's Death Debunks Conspiracy Theories

A remarkable new examination of Adolf Hitler's remains appears to confirm that he died as the historical record depicts: via suicide in 1945.

Watch: Schoolgirl Spots Nessie?

An eight-year-old girl visiting Loch Ness with her grandmother may have captured footage of the famed creature said to lurk in the waters of the legendary site.

Bizarre Lynx 'Battle' Caught on Film

An Ontario man could not believe his eyes nor his ears when he stumbled upon a pair of lynx engaged in an epic and truly strange showdown.

Discovery of an Interstellar Visitor

On the heels of the strange asteroid 'Oumuamua, comes another visitor to our solar system.

Interactive Volcano Map

Ever wonder how close you live to a volcano that's ready to blow?

Listen: Serpo ET Exchange Program

Enjoy this free hour in which Len Kasten details the alleged alien exchange with Planet Serpo.

Psychic Predicts Royal Wedding Will Be Cancelled

A psychic in Ireland has issued a rather bold prediction that this coming weekend's royal wedding between Prince William and Meghan Markle will be cancelled!

Security Guard Films Eerie Anomaly

A security guard keeping watch over an empty soccer stadium in Argentina captured an eerie anomaly on film as he was investigating inexplicable sounds coming from the bowels of the building.

"Fatima 2" Video Clips

Wed. night guest L.A. Marzulli shares two video clips from his new doumentary "Fatima 2."

Study Suggests Octopuses Have Alien Origin

An intriguing new scientific paper proposes that octopuses, as we know them, may have developed their unique characteristics due to an alien intervention.

Video: 5 Creepy Toy Stories

Children's toys may be meant for mirth and merriment, but there are a handful of instances where they turned truly nightmarish.

Video: Experts Argue MH370 Pilot Downed Plane on Purpose

May 15, 2018

A panel of aviation experts gathered together for an Australian TV show believe that they have found an answer to one of the most baffling questions surrounding the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 mystery.

Train Passenger Believes He Spotted Britain's Bigfoot

A man in England is convinced that he briefly caught a glimpse of Bigfoot during a train ride through the country.

Scientist Suggests Simpler Stonehenge Origin Story

An Earth scientist in Wales has offered an intriguing new theory on the origin of the iconic bluestones which were used to build Stonehenge

Ominous Blob Washes Ashore

The gruesome remains of some kind of sizeable sea creature washed ashore in the Philippines late last week and sparked a bit of a panic among local residents.

Security Camera Spots Angel?

A Michigan man could not believe his eyes when he checked his home security system and saw that it had seemingly snapped an image of an angel hovering over his truck during the night.

Witchdoctor Causes Coffin Chaos

May 14, 2018

A witchdoctor in Zambia is on the run from authorities after a scheme surrounding 'moving coffins' and magic spells created creepy chaos in one village.

Live Chat with Richard Syrett and Dane Wigington

Coast Insiders, join us on Wednesday night for a Q&A on chemtrails & geoengineering.

Ian Punnett Returns!

May 13, 2018

We are delighted to announce the return of Ian Punnett hosting occasional weekend shows for C2C.

Humanoid Robot Goes For Run

Boston Dynamics has posted new video of its advanced humanoid robot, Atlas.