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Removal of 'Kangaroo Crossing' Sign Causes Controversy in Ohio

Mar 13, 2018

An odd controversy has erupted in an Ohio city after officials removed a 'Kangaroo Crossing' sign that had become something of a local landmark.

Mysterious Bones Linked to Amelia Earhart Again

The infamous Amelia Earhart mystery is making headlines once again thanks to a new study that appears to shed light on her ultimate fate.

Possession of 'Magic Salt' Lands Russian Celebrity Psychic in Jail

The weird world of celebrity psychics in Russia was rocked this past week when a famous clairvoyant-turned-fugitive was finally captured.

Phantom Dog Filmed in England?

A paranormal research group in England have obtained footage of what they believe could be a phantom dog!

Live Chat w/George Noory & Heidi Hollis

Coast Insiders, join us for a Live Chat this Tuesday night with George Noory and Heidi Hollis.

Monstrous 'Mystery Fish' Washes Ashore in Australia

An Australian couple walking along a beach in Queensland were aghast when they stumbled upon the enormous remains of a fish that left them scratching their heads.

Video: Strange Fog Appears In Hong Kong Dashcam Video

Mar 10, 2018

Did an unknown phenomenon cause a cab to run off the road?

Pentagon Releases New UFO Video

The Pentagon has approved release of a third UFO video.

Video: When Alien Abductee Was a Guest on "To Tell the Truth"

In 1966, Barney Hill and two "imposters" appeared on the CBS game show.

'Time Travelers' Tell More Tall Tales

Mar 7, 2018

The bizarre spate of 'whistleblowing time travelers' since the start of the year has continued over the last few weeks with more and more 'future men' sharing increasingly fantastic tales.

Numerous Alexa Owners Report Creepy Laugh Coming from Device

As Amazon's wildly popular 'intelligent personal assistant' Alexa finds its way into more and more homes, reports of weird activity emanating from the device have begun to emerge.

Phantom Hitchhiker Encounter Makes Headlines in Argentina

In a strange story out of Argentina, a motorist claims to have provided a ride to a phantom hitchhiker and actually produced some purported evidence from the eerie encounter.

Video: World's Oldest Message in a Bottle Found in Australia

Mar 6, 2018

A woman walking along a beach in Australia stumbled upon a message in a bottle that was written 132 years ago!

Hiker in Australia Takes Photograph of a Yowie?

An Australian man hiking at an infamous location that was once the site of a massive massacre may have snapped a photo of the country's resident Bigfoot-like creature known as a Yowie.

Bizarre Garlic 'Exorcism' Turns Fatal

Mar 6, 2018

Authorities in Vietnam have arrested a pop singer accused of killing a woman in a bizarre exorcism gone wrong.

Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Crashed UFO' Near Antarctica

Conspiracy theorists combing through images from Google Earth suspect that they have spotted evidence of a crashed UFO near Antarctica, but experts are skeptical to say the least.

Eerie Army of Snowmen Honor Fallen Friend

The fiendish destruction of a snowwoman in an English town inspired its creators to respond by building a small army.

Flat Earth Fans to Convene in Canada This Summer

Following the stunning success of last year's Flat Earth International Conference, organizers have announced plans for a sequel to be held in Canada this summer.

Emerging Artists 3/4/18

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

Video: Penguin 'Supercolony' Found in Antarctica

Mar 3, 2018

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown "supercolony" of more than 1.5 million rare penguins on an island located off the Antarctic Peninsula.

Watch: Ghost Yanks Phone from Wall at Haunted Pub?

A spooky piece of security footage from a notoriously haunted pub in England appears to a phone flung to the floor by one of the site's resident spirits.

In Coast You Missed It 3/2/18

Mar 2, 2018

From riveting conversations with guests like Linda Moulton Howe and author L.A. Marzulli to stories about Flat Earth fans opening up a shop in Scotland and the 'Virgin Mary' being spotted on the wall of a hospital in Argentina, here are some highlights...

Japanese Gov't Dismisses UFOs

The Japanese government has responded to an odd inquiry regarding whether or not UFOs are a threat to the country's national security and some may find their answer to be a tad bit worrisome.

Odd 'UFOs' Amaze Newscasters

A morning news team in Milwaukee were left almost speechless when a live shot of the city skyline showed a strange collection of odd flying objects.

Museum of Haunted Objects Set to Open in the UK

A paranormal researcher in England has created a rather remarkable museum that will soon be open to the public.

Nessie & Stonehenge Celebrated on New British Coins

A pair of paranormal fixtures are being honored by way of new coins issued by the British Royal Mint.

Scientists Warn of the Potential for an ET Cyberattack

Feb 28, 2018

A pair of astrophysicists have published a new paper which cautions that humans may want to consider the consequences before opening any messages sent to the planet by ETs.

Amelia Earhart's Stolen Car Found

While the fate of famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart continues to perplex researchers, a recent mystery involving the theft of her car was apparently not quite as vexing for authorities.

Strange 'Possession' Sweeps Through School in the Philippines

Classes were canceled at a school in the Philippines after more than a dozen students purportedly became possessed by an 'evil spirit.'

'Virgin Mary' Appears on Hospital Wall in Argentina

Feb 27, 2018

Workers at a hospital in Argentina were amazed when a discoloration that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Virgin Mary appeared on a wall.