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Watch: British Woman Films Fairy?

In what sounds like something of a modern-day version of the Cottingley Fairy case, a trio of women in England contend that they can see fairies and say that they have video evidence to prove it.

FBI Releases Bigfoot File

The FBI raised eyebrows online today when a Twitter account devoted to highlighting significant declassified files in their vault shared an odd set of documents devoted to Bigfoot.

Happy Birthday to George!

Jun 4, 2019

George Noory's June 4th birthday is celebrated by a host of strange characters!

Part of Canadian Treasure Hunt Solved in Less Than 24 Hours

Jun 4, 2019

An elaborate treasure hunt that launched in Canada over the weekend saw one-third of its sizeable winnings snatched up within 24 hours by an Edmonton family with an affinity for puzzles.

Experts Stumped by Strange Object that Washed Ashore in North Carolina

A beachgoer in North Carolina stumbled upon a truly strange object that has left wildlife experts scratching their heads.

Paper Warns That Climate Change Could Cause Civilization to Collapse by 2050

A new paper from an Australian think tank has put forward an ominous proposition which states that failure to address climate change could lead to civilization collapsing by 2050.

Scientist Hints at Intriguing Results from Loch Ness DNA Study

The scientist behind the much-heralded Loch Ness environmental DNA study is teasing some intriguing results from the project.

Video: Odd UFO Makes News in China

Lest there be any doubt that UFOs are 'having a moment,' an odd object spotted by numerous people in the northern part of China over the weekend wound up making television news in the country.

1900 Solar Eclipse Film Rediscovered

Shot 119 years ago, first ever film of a solar eclipse has been restored.

Emerging Artists 6/2/19

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

Mount Etna Erupts

Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna, lit up the sky over Catania on Friday night.

In Coast You Missed It 5/31/19

May 31, 2019

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Watch: 'Shadow Figures' Caught on Film?

A peculiar piece of footage from a ghost hunting group in England appears to show a pair of shadow people lurking in an old theater.

Fatima Relics Stolen from Italian Church

May 31, 2019

In an unfortunate story out of Italy, a pair of relics that once belonged to two of the children at the center of the famed Fatima event have been stolen from a church.

2019 Bilderberg Meeting Underway

Today marks the start of the infamous annual gathering of global power brokers known as the Bilderberg Meeting.

Bigfoot Featured in Fire Safety Campaign

In an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of wildfires, officials in Oregon have turned to a familiar furry face: Bigfoot.

Watch: Ghost Opens Door at Hospital?

A worker at a hospital in England suspects that she may have captured some paranormal activity on film in the form of a door inexplicably opening and closing on its own.

Videos: Mysterious Mounds

Guests on Thursday's show both have video works about the enigmatic mounds found in the Americas.

Cops Bust 'Ghost' Scaring Drivers

Authorities in an Indonesian city became ghost busters late Sunday morning when they caught a troublemaking teenager who had been dressing up as a spirit and scaring motorists.

Navy Pilots Spark UFO Frenzy

A blockbuster report from the New York Times concerning Navy pilots encountering UFOs has captured the imagination of the public and spawned headlines around the world.

Free Audio: Bizarre Medical History

In a riveting horror from November 2018, medical historian Thomas Morris shared bizarre curiosities.

Pair of Bigfoot Sightings Reported in GA

Motorists passing through northern Georgia in the near future may want to keep an eye out for Sasquatch as the famed cryptid was reportedly spotted twice in the area over the last week.

Teen Dies in Train Accident While Exploring 'Pope Lick Monster' Site

For the second time in the last three years, tragedy has struck at a Kentucky site said to be the home of a mysterious creature known as the 'Pope Lick Monster.'

Flat Earth Fan Arrested for Alleged Graffiti Spree on Federal Land

A Flat Earth enthusiast from Arizona was arrested last week for what authorities say was a widespread campaign in which he tagged over 30 spots on federal land with a message imploring people to research the infamous conspiracy theory.

'Blades' Seen on Jupiter's Great Red Spot

The Great Red Spot is changing, and appears to be ejecting material.

Knapp's News 5/26/19

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently captured his attention.

Watch: Robo-Dog Pulls 3-Ton Plane

Researchers unveiled their latest video which shows their HyQReal robot dog pulling a heavy aircraft.

In Coast You Missed It 5/24/19

May 24, 2019

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

College Student in Chicago Creates Clever 'Cryptid Hotline'

An inventive art project from a college student in Chicago asks residents of the city if they have any information about 'missing' cryptids and the responses so far have been overwhelming.

First UK Crop Circle of 2019 Found

May 23, 2019

The 2019 crop circle season is officially underway in England as the first formation of the year has been found.