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Live Chat w/George Noory & Timothy Green Beckley

Timothy Green Beckley joins our Live Chat with George Noory this Tuesday night at 8p PT/11p ET.

Impending Asteroid Flyby Spawns Another Apocalypse Warning

An incredibly close asteroid flyby due to occur this coming Thursday has sparked another round of conspiracy theories suggesting that it is a harbinger of the End Times.

Ghost Hunters 'Haunt' UK Forest

A group which oversees an ancient patch of forest in England says that overzealous ghost hunters are running amok at the site.

Video: 'Fire Devil' Filmed in Portugal

A rare and breathtaking phenomenon known as a 'fire devil' was filmed emerging out of a raging inferno in Portugal.

Colorado Hikers Startled by 'Bigfoot'

Hikers exploring a mountain trail in Colorado came upon a monstrous surprise in the form of an enormous Bigfoot cutout 'lurking' in the woods.

'Slenderman' Spooks Oregon City

Residents of a city in Oregon were understandably unnerved this past week when they spotted someone dressed as the infamous character 'Slenderman' shuffling down the street.

'Ghost Girl' Photographed at the Stanley Hotel?

A family visiting an infamous haunted hotel in Colorado suspect that they may have photographed the ghost of a little girl standing atop a staircase.

Massive Swarm of Butterflies Spotted by Weather Radar

The Boulder, Colorado branch of the National Weather Service recently spotted a remarkable formation flying over the city of Denver: an enormous swarm of butterflies.

Macabre Mystery Unearthed in TX

A construction worker renovating the outside of a home in Texas uncovered a macabre mystery when he dug up a concrete walkway and discovered that it was made out of overturned headstones.

Irish School Films 'Ghostly Activity'

A chilling video said to have come from a security system at a school in Ireland purportedly shows what appears to be some kind of poltergeist-like activity in one of the building's hallways.

Santa's Grave Found in Turkey?

Researchers in Turkey believe they may have discovered the untouched tomb of St. Nicholas, the historic figure who inspired the legend of Santa Claus.

Black Cats Keep Mysteriously Vanishing in England

An unsettling seven black cats have mysteriously gone missing from a pair of neighboring communities in England and some residents suspect that witchcraft could be to blame.

Eerie Funnel Cloud Filmed in Japan

A breathtaking video from Japan shows a vivid funnel cloud slowly vanishing from the sky.

Shag Harbour UFO Case Turns 50

October 4th marks the 50th anniversary of the intriguing UFO case that has come to be known as Canada's Roswell: the legendary Shag Harbour Incident.

'Time Traveler' Arrested in Wyoming

Cops in Casper, Wyoming recently responded to a rather strange call about a man claiming to have come from the future!

Ghost-to-Ghost Submissions

Send us your spookiest ghost story for our special Ghost-to-Ghost show on Tuesday, Oct. 31st.

Eerie Anomaly Photographed at Haunted Pub in England

A paranormal investigator in England believes he may have photographed the ghost of woman said to lurk in a haunted pub.

Final Report on MH370 Calls the Mystery 'Almost Inconceivable'

Oct 3, 2017

The Australian government has released an assessment on the fate of missing flight MH370 which concedes that the mysterious disappearance remains as baffling as ever.

Israeli Police Put Clowns on Notice

Following a series of creepy clown sightings in Israel, authorities there have issued a stern statement vowing to put a stop to any further funny business from the harlequins.

Mystery Monkeys Spotted in Ohio

A strange mystery has gripped a community in Ohio as a number of residents say that they've seen a pair of out-of-place monkeys in their neighborhood.

Creepy Hex Lands Tokyo Man in Jail

Tired of always hearing children playing at an elementary school near his home, a Tokyo man resorted to a drastic measure to quiet the kids: a curse!

SETI Astronomer Makes Bold 'Bet'

The senior astronomer at SETI recently expressed a remarkably optimistic outlook on when the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence could happen.

New Project Aims to Solve Anne Frank Mystery

A team of experts headed by a former FBI agent hope that their collective skills can help determine who betrayed Anne Frank and her family during World War II.

Emerging Artists 10/1/17

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music selections.

Polar Bear Herd Spotted Feasting

Hundreds of hungry polar bears were seen swarming a dead whale in Russia.

Watch: Digger Removes Massive Turtle from Beach in Spain

When the enormous carcass of a leatherback turtle appeared on a beach in Spain, city officials were forced to go to dramatic lengths to remove the monstrous creature.

Odd 'Alien Autopsy' Feud Erupts

The infamous 1995 'alien autopsy' film has found its way back into the news due to a strange dispute between its creators.

Video: Fighting Pythons Found in Australian Woman's Shower

A woman in Australia stumbled upon a rather strange scene when she found two pugnacious pythons fighting in her bathroom.

A Visit to Waco's Haunted Couch

C2C listener Chris and his girlfriend Joni ventured to the notorious Waco furniture story that is said to be the home of a 'haunted couch.'

Thylacine Extinction Mystery Solved?

A curious question surrounding the extinction of the legendary Tasmanian Tiger in Australia may have finally been answered by scientists.

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Privacy activist Liz McIntyre warned about human chipping proposals. Followed by James Barrat with updates on AI.

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