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Art Bell Vault: The Afterlife

Sep 5, 2019

Catch classic programs featuring Dannion Brinkley and chilling EVPs in the new Art Bell Vault.

Video: Strange Sasquatch Flier Has Vermont Town Buzzing

A small town in Vermont finds itself in the national spotlight thanks to a strange flier which declared that the prolonged closure of a local bridge was not due to Sasquatch.

Haunted House Becomes an Airbnb

A Missouri couple who say that their dream home turned into a nightmare when they realized that it was haunted have come up with an ingenious answer to the paranormal problem: they've turned the house into an Airbnb.

Video: 'Alien' Creature Caught in Alaska

A woman on a fishing trip in Alaska reeled in a bizarre sea creature that looked like something from another world. T

Chinese Lunar Rover Finds Puzzling 'Gel' on the Dark Side of the Moon

Scientists manning the Chinese lunar rover on the 'Dark Side' of the moon were stopped in their tracks when the craft spotted a strange gel-like substance inside of a small crater.

Introducing the Art Bell Vault

Sep 3, 2019

Coast to Coast AM is proud to announce the launch of our newest feature for Coast Insiders.

Art Bell Vault: Secrets & Revelations

Sep 3, 2019

Catch classic programs featuring John Lear, Ed Dames, and Russell Targ in the new Art Bell Vault.

Giant Exoplanet Has Extreme Orbit

Planet HR 5183 b dives in close to it star and then slingshots out to the farthest reaches.

Emerging Artists 9/1/19

The first Sunday of every month, George features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

Watch: Mutant Two-Headed Turtle Found

Conservationists were shocked this week when they discovered a two-headed sea turtle.

Bigfoot Spotted in North Carolina?

A Bigfoot researcher in North Carolina believes that he stumbled upon the famed cryptid while walking in the woods earlier this month.

In Coast You Missed It 8/30/19

Aug 30, 2019

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

10 Strangest Stories of Summer 2019

Aug 30, 2019

With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, we're looking back at some of the weirdest stories of the season.

Watch: Divers Capture Eerie Footage from Inside Infamous Arctic Shipwreck

A research project out of Canada has produced breathtaking footage from inside the wreckage of the doomed Arctic exploration vessel known as the HMS Terror.

Video: Rhino Flips Car Containing Zookeeper at Safari Park in Germany

A jaw-dropping video from a safari park in Germany shows an ornery rhinoceros charging at and flipping a car containing an unlucky zookeeper.

Minnesota City Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Odd UFO Incident

Hundreds of people gathered at a museum in a small Minnesota city on Tuesday evening to commemorate the 40th anniversary of a noteworthy UFO event in which a mysterious glowing ball of light smashed into a deputy's patrol car.

Watch: Couple Films Bigfoot in Utah?

An intriguing video posted online this week purportedly shows a couple encountering what they believe to be a Bigfoot as they were driving along a dark road in the mountains of Utah.

Possible Earhart Skull Fragments Found

Aug 28, 2019

The much-heralded National Geographic expedition in search of an answer to the Amelia Earhart mystery managed to unearth what is being called a 'tantalizing clue' from a rather surprising location.

Free Audio: Bob Lazar on Area 51

In this riveting hour from 2014, George Knapp welcomed legendary Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar.

Watch: Fake Visionary Busted in Texas?

Aug 27, 2019

In a bizarre story out of Texas, an alleged visionary who claims to receive messages from the Virgin Mary and other spiritual figures has been deemed a fake by Church officials following the release of a rather damning piece of security footage.

NASA Head Declares 'Pluto is a Planet'

An off-the-cuff remark from the administrator of NASA has reignited the debate over whether or not Pluto is a planet.

Cops Called to Investigate UFO Landing

A woman in Wyoming who thought that she'd just seen a UFO land in a cornfield took the unusual step of phoning the police to report the strange sighting.

Anomaly Hunter Spots Massive 'Face' in Antarctica via Google Earth

An anomaly hunter scouring Google Earth for unusual sights stumbled upon a curious spot in Antarctica which gives the legendary 'Face on Mars' a run for its money.

Watch: Monkey Uses Rock to Smash Glass Wall at Chinese Zoo

A wild video taken at a Chinese zoo shows a clever monkey using a sharpened rock to smash the glass wall of its enclosure and, in the process, give itself quite the scare.

'Bigfoot Bandits' Steal Six-Foot-Tall Sasquatch Statue in North Carolina

Authorities in North Carolina have become proverbial Bigfoot hunters after someone stole a rather sizeable Sasquatch statue from outside the offices of a landscaping company.

Knapp's News 8/25/19

Aug 25, 2019

George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including how evolution tricks our senses.

Video: Humanoid Robot Launches to ISS

Earlier this week a humanoid robot called Skybot F-850 was launched into space aboard a Soyuz capsule.

In Coast You Missed It 8/23/19

Aug 23, 2019

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Concerned Citizen Believes Bigfoot is to Blame for Series of Area Break-Ins

A New Hampshire man believes that Bigfoot is behind a series of break-ins that have occurred in the state throughout the summer.

Lake Monster 'Champ' Spotted on Sonar?

A dedicated cryptozoologist in Vermont suspects that her boat's sonar may have spotted the legendary 'monster' said to lurk in Lake Champlain.

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Ed Dames shared remote viewing updates on on the Killshot and Project Starman. Followed Shelley Kaehr on healing techniques and the Cayce material.

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