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The 'Golden Yeti' Recipient for 2018

Primate conservationist Dr. Anna Nekaris has been named the 2018 recipient of the prestigious 'Golden Yeti' award for outstanding work in the field of cryptozoology.

Denver Airport Celebrates Its Place in Conspiracy Theory Lore

Denver International Airport is once again embracing its longstanding place in conspiracy lore by way of several signs throughout the facility which celebrate the site's infamous reputation.

MH370 Found Sitting in Jungle?

Sep 5, 2018

An independent researcher from England scouring the planet using Google Earth believes that he has discovered the wreckage of doomed flight MH370 sitting in a Cambodian jungle.

Odd Ad Lists 'Psychic' Cat for Sale

If you've ever wanted to own a clairvoyant creature, you may be in luck thanks to a bizarre ad selling a psychic cat on the Russian equivalent of Craigslist.

Conspiracy Theorist Wins Workplace Discrimination Case

A government agency in Australia was recently ordered to pay a rather sizeable sum of money to an employee who had been sent home for discussing conspiracy theories at work.

Watch: Strange Creature Spotted Swimming in English River?

An odd piece of footage out of England seemingly shows some kind of sea serpent swimming in the famed River Tyne.

Doubts Raised About Charlotte UFO

A viral image of an alleged UFO seen near Charlotte, North Carolina is being questioned by skeptics who say that it is probably just the reflection of a cell phone.

Free Audio: Art Bell Interviews Stephen LaBerge on Lucid Dreaming

Listen to this intriguing hour from a classic Art Bell show we originally broadcast in 2007.

Square-Shaped UFO Photographed Near Charlotte

A mysterious square-shaped UFO was photographed on the night of August 18th by Javion Hill.

Microwave Weapons Suspected in Attacks on US Diplomats

The strange affliction that affected US embassy workers in Cuba and China may have been due to focused microwave attacks.

Emerging Artists 9/2/18

The first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

Set of 'The Nun' haunted by ghost soldiers?

Corin Hardy, director of The Nun, is convinced a set location used in his movie is haunted.

In Coast You Missed It 8/31/18

Aug 31, 2018

Check out our round up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

'Gargoyle' Spotted in Puerto Rico

A strange hysteria has swept over a town in Puerto Rico following a number of mysterious animal deaths that have been attributed to a 'gargoyle.'

Free Audio: Lizard Man Tales

Enjoy this hour when crypto investigator Lyle Blackburn recounted the story of Lizard Man.

Watch: Security Guard Films Alien?

In a strange case out of Argentina, a security guard claims to have encountered an alien in a field and has a rather curious piece of footage from the incident.

Family May Move After Home Security System Spots Ghost

The security camera system of a home in Kentucky captured some eerie footage of what appears to be an apparition and the scene was so spooky that the owners are actually considering moving!

Animal Psychic's Vision of Lost Dogs' Odd Location is Uncanny

An animal communicator in Kentucky is being credited with having determined the location of a pair of lost dogs by way of a remarkably specific vision.

Ghosts Spotted on Google Maps?

A Google Maps view of a cemetery in Texas appears to show a pair of spooky figures that some suspect could be ghosts.

Bizarre Chemtrail 'Protection Potion' Sends Man to Hospital

A German man's strange plan to protect himself against chemtrails wound up backfiring as the concerned conspiracy theorist had to be hospitalized when his idea went wildly awry.

Watch: Creepy Doorbell Video Has Cops Concerned

Authorities in Texas are asking the public for help in identifying a seemingly-distressed woman who was filmed ringing a doorbell of a home in the middle of the night and then disappeared.

Mysterious Big Cat Spotted in PA

A monstrous-looking feline photographed in the backyard of a home in Pennsylvania has a community on edge.

'Possessed Couch' Set on Fire

Firefighters in Louisiana stumbled upon a strange scene when they responded to a call about a blaze at a trailer home and learned that it was caused by a bizarre exorcism involving a 'possessed' couch.

Paranormal Investigator Arrested for Shooting Gun at 'Ghost'

A paranormal investigator in Connecticut has found himself in hot water with authorities following a bizarre incident in which he shot a gun at what he suspects may have been a ghost.

Ad Campaign for Haunted House Generates Genuine Terror

Aug 27, 2018

A rather clever concept to promote a forthcoming haunted house attraction in Florida proved to be a bit too realistic for some people.

Canadian Tourist Has Curiously-Timed Nessie Sighting

A Canadian woman visiting Loch Ness with her family became the latest witness to snap a picture of what may be the site's legendary 'monster.'

Knapp's News 8/26/18

George Knapp shared a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Watch: UFOs at ECETI Ranch

Video of UFOs at ECETI from Aug 2018 shot by Peter Maxwell Slattery and James Gilliland.

Australian Woman Reports Frightening Yowie Encounter

An Australian woman claims to have had a terrifying encounter with the Bigfoot of Down Under: the Yowie.

In Coast You Missed It 8/24/18

Aug 24, 2018

Check out our round up of this past week's C2C highlights ... In Coast You Missed It.

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