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Did Psychic Sylvia Browne Predict the Coronavirus Pandemic Back in 2008?

Amid the ceaseless news coverage of the worrisome coronavirus crisis, a surprising name has emerged from the past to capture the attention of people online: the late psychic Sylvia Browne, who is being credited by some for predicting the pandemic twelve...

Secret WWII Bunker Found in Scotland

Mar 12, 2020

A deforestation project in Scotland inadvertently led to the discovery of a secret World War II bunker that was intended to serve as part of Britain's last line of defense against a Nazi invasion.

Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Bowl' on Mars

An anomaly hunter studying NASA images of Mars spotted what he believes to be the remnants of a bowl resting on the surface of the Red Planet.

Rare White Giraffes Killed by Poachers

Heartless poachers in Kenya have killed a pair of incredibly rare white giraffes that had been living on a conservation area in the country.

Art Bell Vault: Odd Aerial Anomalies

Mar 11, 2020

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week: programs on chemtrails and rods.

Smallest-Known Dinosaur Fossil Found

Paleontologists are celebrating something of a landmark discovery in the form of a tiny skull which now stands as the smallest-known dinosaur ever found.

Indiana Mom's Encounter with 'Demon Face' Has Amusing Explanation

An Indiana woman's tale of encountering a glowing demonic face in the middle of the night has gone viral thanks to its amusing ending.

Eerie Black Rain Falls on Japanese Cities

Residents in several Japanese cities were left fearing the worst when an eerie black rain fell from the sky.

George's Live Stage Show: Houston!

Mar 10, 2020

Join George Noory and his special guests on Saturday, June 13th.

Watch: Odd UFO Filmed in Brazil

A curious piece of footage from Brazil shows a strange unidentified flying object which bears an uncanny resemblance to a jellyfish.

Forrest Fenn Treasure Lawsuit Dropped

Mar 9, 2020

A disgruntled treasure hunter's lawsuit against Forrest Fenn concerning his infamous hidden cache of riches has reportedly been dropped.

'Mystery Creature' Baffles New York Town

Authorities in an upstate New York town have identified a weird-looking creature that has been causing something of a stir in the community in recent weeks.

Highest Resolution Photo From Mars Released

Image took one week to capture.