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Video: Painting of Jesus Survives Massive Church Fire Unscathed

Oct 25, 2018

Workers cleaning up debris from an enormous fire which destroyed a 150-year-old church in Massachusetts were amazed to find a painting of Jesus that had survived the blaze unscathed.

Creepy Clown Busted in Colorado

Oct 24, 2018

A creepy clown tormenting children in Colorado had his reign of terror come to a swift end thanks to a school principal who took matters into his own hands and caught the troublemaker.

Hurricane Erases Hawaiian Island

In a jaw-dropping testament to the transformative power of Mother Nature, a small island in Hawaii was literally erased when a hurricane passed over the area earlier this month.

Free Audio: Mysterious Urban Disappearances

Listen to this intriguing hour from 2015 when David Paulides shared cases of mysterious urban disappearances.

Bigfoot Spotted by Trail Cam?

An eerie trail cam photograph circulating online seems to show some kind of figure lurking in a forest and some suspect that it could be a Bigfoot.

'Breathing Forest' Filmed in Canada

A mesmerizing video out of Canada shows a strange natural phenomenon in which it appears as if the ground in a forest is breathing.

MH370 Jungle Search Goes Awry

Oct 23, 2018

An English researcher's peculiar quest to find the wreckage of lost flight MH370 in a Cambodian jungle was thwarted when the expedition was deemed too dangerous.

Live Chat w/Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Coast Insiders, join us on Tuesday night for a live chat with paranormal and dream expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Odd Snow Formations Found in Argentina

A young man in Argentina stumbled upon a pair of strange formations in the snow that some have suggested could actually be UFO landing sites.

NASA Spots Rectangular Iceberg

A NASA project studying climate conditions in Antarctica recently snapped a stunning image of a rectangular iceberg that has left many observers online scratching their heads.

Monkeys Kill Man in India by Pelting Him with Bricks

An unfortunate man in India died after running afoul of an angry group of monkey that pelted him with bricks.

Knapp's News 10/21/18

George Knapp shares items of recent interest including an article about urban legends.

Last Night

Dr. Josh Bloom discussed misconceptions around the opioid crisis. Followed by Stuart Davis on his contact with an 8-foot tall Praying Mantis entity.

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