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New MH370 Search Comes Up Short

May 1, 2018

An exhaustive new search for infamous lost airliner MH370 has produced the same results as previous pursuits and left the mystery maddeningly intact.

Haunted Australian Tourist Spot Gives Up the Ghosts

A historic farm once heralded as one of the most-haunted sites in Western Australia is being rebranded by new owners after they learned that tourists were afraid to visit the location.

Is the Zodiac Killer Next to be Nabbed by DNA?

May 1, 2018

Following last week's stunning arrest of a suspect in the Golden State Killer cold case, true crime fans have wondered if the same DNA investigation techniques could also lead to the Zodiac Killer.

Over 200 Flat Earth Fans Gather for First-Ever UK Convention

Advocates for the infamous Flat Earth theory came together over the weekend in England for the UK's first ever convention devoted to the controversial conspiracy theory.

Mysterious 'River Monster' Washes Ashore in England

A man walking along Liverpool's River Mersey stumbled upon the bizarre remains of a mysterious creature that experts can't seem to identify.

'Warrior Statue' Spotted on Mars

A Mars anomaly hunter studying images from NASA's Curiosity Rover believes that he has discovered the remnants of an ancient statue which seems to depict the head of a warrior.

Video: Falling Dog Knocks Woman Unconscious

Apr 29, 2018

Recent video from China shows a woman knocked out by a falling dog.