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Apocalypse Later? Author Says October is True Start of 'End Times'

20 hours ago

With rumors swirling that September 23rd will see the world come to an end, one of the people often cited for the claim is trying to clear up confusion surrounding the prediction.

Categories: Alternative History & Conspiracies, Prophecy & Predictions
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Eerie 'Emergency Alert' Airs in CA

Several TV viewers in Southern California were shaken on Thursday when a chilling emergency message interrupted programming to warn about the end of the world.

'Dead Body' Prompts Call to Cops

Sep 22, 2017

A remarkably realistic Halloween decoration at a home in Tennessee proved to be too believable after one resident reported the 'dead body' to 911.

Video: Two-Faced Cat Born in China

A litter of kittens born to a cat in China featured a rather jaw-dropping feline among the bunch: one with two faces.

Bodies Found at Haunted House

The source of the spirits said to lurk in an infamous haunted house located on a Scottish island may have been found as archaeologists have discovered that the home was likely built atop an ancient graveyard.

China Details Bold Mars Mission

New details have emerged about a planned mission to Mars by the Chinese space program and the ambitious nature of the project is staggering.

Archaeologists Unearth Baffling Porpoise Bones

An archeological dig on a small island in the English Channel uncovered a rather perplexing piece of the past buried in a 14th-century grave: the body of a porpoise.

Earhart Group Wants Saipan Statue

A group of Amelia Earhart enthusiasts have submitted a bold proposal to the government of Saipan calling on them to 'come clean' about the fate of the famed aviatrix.

Crocodile Kills Shaman in Indonesia

A purported shaman in Indonesia who claimed to have supernatural powers that allowed him to control crocodiles lost his life when one of the creatures called him on his bluff.

Watch: Eerie White Cat Crashes Funeral in Malaysia

A spooky video from Malaysia shows a mysterious white cat suddenly appear during a man's funeral and refuse to leave his freshly-filled grave.

Celebrity Lifestyle Guru Selling 'Psychic Vampire Repellent'

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle website has begun selling a rather odd concoction which claims to be a psychic vampire repellent!

Texas Couple Can't Seem to Sell Their Haunted House

A Texas couple's accidental purchase of a notoriously haunted house has proven to be more problematic than just having to deal with unwanted spirits as now they can't seem to sell it.

Flat Earth Sign Spotted in NZ

A husband and wife walking near a beach in New Zealand were forced to ponder the shape of our planet thanks to a clever sign from a Flat Earth enthusiast.

Video: Koala Survives Scary Drive

Animal rescue workers in Australia managed to save a confused koala that had gotten stuck underneath a car and endured a ten-mile trip before being found.

'Mystery Meals' Leave Chicago Suburb Baffled

A strange mystery has left officials and residents of a Chicago suburb scratching their heads as someone keeps leaving remarkably well-prepared meals in a local park.

Irma Unearths Mystery Canoe in FL

An art photographer examining the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma upon his city of Cocoa, Florida was amazed to discover what appears to be an ancient canoe that was unearthed during the storm.

Knapp's News 9/17/17

Sep 17, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items.

Trio of Troublesome Squirrels Thwarted in New Orleans

A week-long nightmare for one neighborhood in New Orleans has seemingly come to an end as authorities "apprehended" a trio of squirrels that had terrorized residents.

Exorcist Says 'The End' is Near

An exorcist in Italy is raising eyebrows due to a number of worrisome statements in which he muses that the world is coming to an end.

Family Spots Jesus' Face in Cloud

Sep 15, 2017

A family visiting a holy site in Ireland were amazed when they spotted what appears to be the face of Jesus in the clouds captured in a group photo.

Clown Threats Backfire Down Under

Sep 15, 2017

An attempt to terrorize Australians with threats of an impending invasion of creepy clowns appears to have backfired on the haunting harlequins.

Rare White Giraffes Caught on Film

Conservationists in Kenya have captured footage of two incredibly rare and breathtaking white giraffes.

Hundreds Gather in Germany Hoping for a Marian Apparition

Sep 14, 2017

A tiny village in Germany was visited by nearly 1,000 religious pilgrims hoping to experience a Marian apparition and some believe that they did.

Extinct Tiger Seen Alive in Java?

An intriguing photograph from Indonesia may show a species of tiger that was declared extinct decades ago seemingly alive and well.

Monstrous Sea Creature Discovered on a Beach in Texas

While surveying the damage from Hurricane Harvey, a Texas woman stumbled upon the remains of a nightmarish sea creature that had washed ashore during the storm.

Bug Spray Said To Attract Bigfoot

A North Carolina woman claims that her homemade bug spray has a remarkable side effect.

Watch: Slow Motion Landslide Filmed in China

A mesmerizing video from China shows a lava-like landslide creeping down a hill to the amazement of onlookers.

Trailer: 'The Sign'

Guest on Wednesday's show, John Turnbow, shares a trailer for the new documentary "The Sign."

Two-Headed Snake Caught in AR

During an otherwise routine home inspection, an electrician in Arkansas made a jaw-dropping discovery: a two-headed rattlesnake!

Australians Told to Eat Kangaroos

In response to an explosion in the population of wild kangaroos in Australia, environmental experts believe there may be only one solution: people need to eat them.