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Knapp's News 7/23/17

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

New 'Mystery' Space Signal Solved

Astronomers at the Arecibo observatory believe they have found the source of an enigmatic space signal which spawned headlines earlier in the week.

Knapp's News 7/22/17

George Knapp shared a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

'Demonic' Goat Born in Argentina

A village in Argentina was given quite the fright when a baby goat was born sporting an unsettling face that resembled a demon.

Watch: Ghost Filmed at Historic North Carolina Mansion?

While visiting a historic palace in North Carolina, a pair of tourists suspect that they may have inadvertently filmed a ghost while making a Snapchat video.

Video: Swarm of Locusts Engulfs Car in Russia

An amazing piece of footage from Russia captures the perspective of a motorist as he drives directly into a massive swarm of locusts.

Legendary Lincoln Mystery Solved?

A historical mystery surrounding a letter allegedly penned by Abraham Lincoln in 1864 may have finally been solved.

Strange 'Base' Spotted Near Area 51

UFO enthusiasts examining Google Earth images of the terrain around Area 51 have noticed a puzzling site seemingly carved into a mountain only a few miles away.

Flat Earth 'Billboard' Campaign Crosses the Atlantic

Perhaps inspired by their compatriots in America, some Flat Earth conspiracy theorists in Scotland are attempting to engage motorists in a rather unorthodox manner.

'Haunted' Doll Terrorizes Family

A family in England claims that they are living in constant fear after bringing a 'haunted' doll into their home and subsequently experiencing eerie activity seemingly caused by the creepy-looking toy.

Odd 'Creature' Photographed in Scotland?

A man walking his dog through a field in Scotland photographed an odd anomaly that some have likened to the legendary Loch Ness Monster lurking on land.

Thousands of Bizarre Yellow Blobs Appear Along Beaches in France

Jul 19, 2017

A conservationist group in France are concerned and bewildered by the sudden appearance of thousands of strange yellow blobs littering miles of the country's coastline.

Meat Mystery Baffles Florida Family

A family in Florida woke up to a head-scratching scene on Saturday morning when they discovered that packages of meat had fallen from the sky onto the roof of their home!

Baseball Team to Host 'Salute to Conspiracy Theories' Night

A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania will be hosting a rather unique event on Wednesday evening when it pays tribute to conspiracy theories.

Congressman Asks NASA About an Ancient Mars Civilization!

An otherwise routine House of Representatives hearing took a strange turn today when a Congressman asked NASA if Mars could have once been home to an ancient civilization.

'Tortured' Blood Found on Shroud?

A remarkable new study looking at the markings on the controversial Shroud of Turin may shed new light on their origin.

Odd Signals Intrigue Astronomers

Researchers at the Arecibo Observatory have detected puzzling signals coming from a relatively nearby star and they're not quite sure what's causing them.

Video: Unsettling Stalker Torments Florida Psychic

While suffering the slings and arrows of skeptics may come with the territory for most psychics, one Florida soothsayer has found himself targeted by a particularly pernicious critic.

Live Chat with George Knapp

Coast Insiders, our Live Chat with George Knapp was this past Tuesday night.

Knapp's News 7/16/17

George Knapp shared a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

Bus Driver Claims to Have Seen Source of Massive 'Alien' Prints

The strange story surrounding massive 'alien' footprints found in an Indian village continues to evolve as a bus driver now claims to have spotted the entity behind the odd impressions.

Watch: NASA Releases Amazing Pluto Flyby Video

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of NASA's New Horizon probe arriving at Pluto, the space agency has released a breathtaking video showcasing the notoriously distant planet.

5 Odd Historical Coincidences

While we like to say that there are no coincidences, there are a handful of baffling events in the annals of history that truly make one wonder.

Watch: Eel Spill Stops Traffic

Jul 14, 2017

Some unlucky motorists in Oregon wound up stuck in a rather sticky situation when a truck carrying tons of 'slime eels' spilled its contents all over the highway and their cars!

Video: Art Gallery Selfie Goes Awry

Jul 14, 2017

An ambitious attempt at taking a selfie at an art exhibition in Los Angeles resulted in a jaw-dropping scene thanks to an ill-timed stumble.

Watch: Dad's Haunted Doll Collection Spooks Family

A family in England have found their home invaded by some eerie new housemates thanks to their father's penchant for collecting haunted dolls!

Psychic Enlisted in Skunk Search

The brokenhearted owner of a runaway pet skunk hopes that a self-proclaimed clairvoyant can help locate the lost animal.

Legendary 'Lake Monster' Spotted in North Carolina

Tales of a unidentified sea creature lurking in a North Carolina lake have been renewed following a fresh sighting of the cryptid.

Video: Massive Iceberg Breaks Free from Antarctica

An enormous piece of an ice shelf at Antarctica has finally calved and the size of the newly-formed iceberg is truly staggering.

Satanic Monument Allowed in MN

Jul 12, 2017

A Veterans Memorial Park in Minnesota will soon sport a controversial addition to the grounds in the form of a Satanic monument!