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Video: Man Taunts Bison at Yellowstone

Aug 4, 2018

A viral video shows a visitor apparently harassing a bison on a road at Yellowstone.

Paranormal Date

Jul 31, 2018

Paranormal Date now has over 80,000 members! It's completely free to join and search.

Go Fund Me Campaign for Clyde Lewis' Wife Janine

Jul 4, 2018

If you're able, please help support Clyde Lewis' family in their time of need.

Video: 5 Military Accidents That Were Kept Secret

Feb 4, 2017

As the old saying goes, accidents are bound to happen, and when they involve clandestine government projects, some snafus can quickly become top secret.

Crocodiles to Guard Death Row Convicts

Nov 11, 2015

While "deadly jaws of incarceration" may sound like the title of a 1970s Kung Fu movie, it's actually a plot to have crocodiles guard death row convicts in Indonesia.

Super-Dogs Genetically Engineered By Scientists

Oct 22, 2015

Scientists confirm they have created genetically engineered super-dogs that are stronger and faster than the average mutt.

How America's First Serial Killer Made a Killing off Chicago's 'Murder Castle'

Aug 21, 2015

While H.H. Holmes may not be as well known as England’s Victorian butcher, Jack the Ripper, Holmes was perhaps the most evil, premeditated mass murderer to stalk the Earth.

Firewalking Ritual in Spain

Jun 23, 2015

Every June 23rd, the small Spanish village of San Pedro Manrique marks the summer solstice by hosting a firewalking ritual. More here.

'Contact in the Desert' Photos

Jun 9, 2015

Check out two photos from the recent 2015 Contact in the Desert event, which George Noory participated in along with such notables as Erich von Daniken.

Knapp's News 5/30/15

May 30, 2015

George Knapp shares some online items that have recently caught his attention, including a report by The Humane Society on puppy mills, a piece with video on why the US Air Force is developing hypersonic weapons, an essay on the astonishing mathematical...

Knapp's News 3/29/15

Mar 29, 2015

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention including articles on the power of elves in Iceland, and the quest to revive the extinct Mammoth

In the News 3/7/15

Mar 7, 2015

Today's news stories include articles about mysterious 'alien signals' from an Earth-like planet, the coming supermoon eclipse, and birds dropping dead out of the sky in Tennessee.

Video: BASE Jumper's Brush with Death

Jun 8, 2013

Austrian BASE Jumper Maria Steinmayr cheated death when her parachute failed to open properly after leaping from the top of the Gran Bali Hotel in Benidorm, Spain.

Insta-Poll: Eating Insects

May 14, 2013

A recent United Nations report has called for the eating of insects to combat world hunger and malnutrition.

Sleep Pods Unveiled

May 9, 2013

The Abu Dhabi International Airport has debuted cocoon-like sleep pods inside one of its terminals.

Knapp's News 1/20/13

Jan 20, 2013

George Knapp shares a number of items of interest including his I-Team investigation report on NASA closing a deal with Bigelow Aerospace (pictured).

An Invitation from George Noory

Nov 1, 2012

Would you like to take advantage of a unique opportunity to be a member of a live studio audience?

Knapp's News 4/29/12

Apr 29, 2012

Check out a list of items selected by George Knapp including his KLAS-TV report on tonight's guest, Frank Cullotta (pictured).

Attack of the Pink Slime

Mar 21, 2012

A look at 'pink slime,' called a "safe product" by USDA.

Video: 'Snowboarding' Crow

Jan 13, 2012

A Russian family recorded footage of a crow apparently using the lid of a jar to 'snowboard' down a snow-covered rooftop.

Knapp's News 1/6/12

Jan 6, 2012

Check out some of the items that have recently caught George Knapp's attention, including a breathtaking image of the Omega Nebula, a piece by Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on space exploration, an article on the possibility of masking events by...

Video: Berlin Laughter Project

Dec 16, 2011

Mobile phone footage of passengers aboard a subway train in Germany suddenly gripped by unexplainable fits of laughter has become an Internet sensation, racking up over a million views on YouTube.

Teens Survive 900-ft Fall

Sep 3, 2011

Two teenagers astounded rescuers by surviving a 900-ft fall down the edge of a mountain in Switzerland. The death-defying tumble down the precipice literally folded their vehicle in half.

Woman Finds 'Baby Alien' Carrot

Sep 2, 2011

Yvonne Darnell of Burgess Hill in West Sussex, UK, was surprised to find a strange carrot growing in her vegetable garden.

Villagers Mistake Ape for Alien

Jul 22, 2011

Chinese villagers feared a visitor from another world had landed in their village when they saw a malnourished monkey stealing cucumbers

Knapp's News 6/24/11

Jun 24, 2011

Check out some of the items that have recently caught George Knapp's attention, including video footage of unknown aerial lights in the skies over Hawaii, an opinion piece at The Washington Post on the radicalization of Pakistan’s military, and an article...

Knapp's News 6/19/11

Jun 19, 2011

Check out some of the items that have recently captured George Knapp's attention, including this photo by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope of a glowing emerald nebula reminiscent of the ring wielded by the superhero Green Lantern.

Video: Young Pilot Takes Off in Just Feet

May 6, 2011

Pilots from around North America are gathering in Alaska to compete in the Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) competition at the Valdez Fly-In & Air Show.

Looking for a Creepy Getaway?

Apr 16, 2011

AOL Travel has posted a photo gallery of some creepy abandoned castles and chateaux, including one called Chateau de Noisy in Celles, Belgium.

Best of Listeners' Images-- 2004

Jan 27, 2011

We've dug through the vaults of the old Coast to Coast AM website, and now happily present to you the best of our listener submitted images from 2004. View the gallery of 100 photos.