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Mysteries & Anomalies

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FBI Accepts New Cooper Evidence

Aug 21, 2017

Despite closing their investigation into the D.B. Cooper case last year, the FBI may soon examine some potential new pieces of evidence from the infamous skyjacking.

Knapp's News 8/20/17

Aug 20, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of items, including an article about things found in Antarctica.

'Apocalyptic' Cloud Hangs Over Brazilian Town

Aug 19, 2017

Images flooded social media Thursday evening as residents of a Brazilian town stepped outside to view a bizarre cloud.

Dogs Turning Blue in India

Aug 15, 2017

In a Mumbai, India suburb, some stray dogs are turning blue.

Strange Metal 'Starfish' Found On Rhode Island Beach

Aug 14, 2017

A mysterious metal object shaped like a starfish has baffled viewers.

Video: 5 Unsettling MIB Encounters

Aug 10, 2017

Now part of the pop culture zeitgeist, the notorious entities known as the Men in Black have purportedly made their presence known to a number of unwitting individuals over the years.

Bruno Borges Has a Bestseller

Aug 8, 2017

In a somewhat unsurprising development, the first in a series of decoded books written by missing occult researcher Bruno Borges has become a bestseller in his native Brazil.

Video: 5 Mysterious Objects Found in the Trash

Aug 8, 2017

While one person's trash may be another's treasure, there have been a few items rescued from the proverbial garbage pail that proved to be simply baffling.

The 'Wow!' Signal Turns 40

Aug 8, 2017

On the evening of August 15th, 1977, the now-legendary 'Wow!' signal was picked up by a radio telescope at Ohio State University and has baffled scientists ever since.

Strange 'Lake Monster' Filmed in China

Aug 7, 2017

An odd cell phone video from China seems to show some kind of mysterious creature briefly emerge from a lake to the astonishment of onlookers.

'Ripper Diary' Confirmed to be Real?

Aug 7, 2017

A controversial memoir suspected of being the diary of Jack the Ripper has allegedly been confirmed to be real.

Watch: Chilling EVP Captured at Former Courthouse in England

Aug 3, 2017

A paranormal researcher in England was astounded when he captured a rather unsettling EVP during an investigation at a building which once served as a courthouse.

Mystifying Orb Filmed in Canada

Aug 3, 2017

UFO researchers visiting a sacred site in British Columbia, Canada filmed an enormous orb hovering in the sky and disappearing into a forest.

Fenn Treasure Claims Third Victim?

Jul 28, 2017

Friends of a Colorado man who went missing last month while searching for the now-infamous Fenn Treasure are asking questions about the strange nature of his disappearance and fearing the worst.

Bermuda Triangle 'Solution' Sinks

Jul 27, 2017

For some strange reason, an Australian scientist is making headlines for purportedly solving the Bermuda Triangle mystery by rehashing decades-old explanations already offered by skeptics.

Eerie Woman Scares English Town

Jul 24, 2017

A town in England is on edge after numerous residents reported unnerving visits to their homes by a mysterious woman desperately seeking help.

'Fidget Spinner' Crop Circle Found in England

Jul 23, 2017

A recently-discovered crop circle in England seems to suggest that even aliens cannot escape the latest craze sweeping the planet as the formation bears a striking resemblance to a fidget spinner!

Knapp's News 7/22/17

Jul 22, 2017

George Knapp shared a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

Legendary Lincoln Mystery Solved?

Jul 20, 2017

A historical mystery surrounding a letter allegedly penned by Abraham Lincoln in 1864 may have finally been solved.

Meat Mystery Baffles Florida Family

Jul 18, 2017

A family in Florida woke up to a head-scratching scene on Saturday morning when they discovered that packages of meat had fallen from the sky onto the roof of their home!

'Tortured' Blood Found on Shroud?

Jul 17, 2017

A remarkable new study looking at the markings on the controversial Shroud of Turin may shed new light on their origin.

Odd Signals Intrigue Astronomers

Jul 17, 2017

Researchers at the Arecibo Observatory have detected puzzling signals coming from a relatively nearby star and they're not quite sure what's causing them.

'Earhart' Photo Claims Fall Apart

Jul 11, 2017

In a rather stunning turn of events, the much-heralded 'lost Amelia Earhart' photo which made headlines last week has been debunked in a devastating fashion.

UFO Hangar Door Discovered on Top Of Mt. Adams at ECETI Ranch?

Jul 11, 2017

Jimmy Church shares video of an anomaly discovered at James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch.

Forensic Dogs Cast Doubt on New Earhart 'Clue'

Jul 10, 2017

As if on cue, there is yet another new twist in the Amelia Earhart mystery that appears to plunge the case into profound uncertainty once again.

Dashing Thylacine Caught on Film?

Jul 7, 2017

An Australian man suspects that he may have captured the legendary Tasmanian Tiger on tape while filming an early morning sunrise last week.

Breakthrough Earhart Clue Found?

Jul 5, 2017

A newly-discovered photograph found tucked away in the National Archives may be a breakthrough clue in the mystery of Amelia Earhart's fate.

Odd Object Photographed on Mars

Jun 28, 2017

An image taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover has once again drawn the attention of anomaly hunters who have spotted a strange object sitting on the surface of the Red Planet.

'Mystery Smell' Baffles British County

Jun 28, 2017

A county in England is grappling with a perplexing problem that may be even more maddening than the 'mystery boom' phenomenon: an inexplicable smell lingering in the air.

Over 150 Sheep Killed by 'Mystery Creature' in India

Jun 27, 2017

A strange hysteria has gripped a village in India following a slew of sheep deaths that have been blamed on a 'mystery creature.'

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