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Mysteries & Anomalies

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Search for Flight MH370 May End Soon

Jul 22, 2016

Authorities have announced that the exhaustive search for infamous missing Malaysian airliner MH370 will be suspended by the end of the year if the downed plane is not found.

California Town Puzzled by Daily 'Mystery Booms'

Jul 20, 2016

A town in California is experiencing a unique version of the 'mystery boom' phenomenon, leading to theories ranging from the prosaic to the paranormal.

Video: 5 Baffling & Bizarre 'Mystery Phone Calls'

Jul 12, 2016

In the annals of history, there are a handful of strange incidents which featured a mysterious phone call that made an already odd event even more unsettling.

'Mystery Booms' Baffle California City

Jul 8, 2016

The city of Alhambra, California has become the latest location to fall victim to the puzzling 'mystery boom' phenomenon which has been reported around the world.

Video: 5 Mysterious & Macabre Island Stories

Jul 5, 2016

While uninhabited islands steeped in mystery or harboring an unsettling secret have become a trope of fiction, history contains a few cases where such sites truly did exist.

Strange Object in Apollo 10 Photo

Jun 30, 2016

Linda Moulton Howe shares Apollo Mission 10, NASA Frame No. AS10-32-4822 that was reportedly doctored to take out evidence of an extraterrestrial object.

Watch: Elvis Still Alive and Spotted at Graceland?

Jun 27, 2016

An enthusiastic believer that Elvis Presley faked his death claims that new footage captures The King hiding in plain sight at Graceland under the guise of a groundskeeper.

Unearthed Pottery May Be From Lost Colony

Jun 23, 2016

Archaeologists in North Carolina have discovered remnants of pottery that may have come from the legendary lost settlement of Roanoke.

Video: Google Earth Captures Giants at Giza?

Jun 19, 2016

An anomaly hunter looking for oddities on Google Earth believes that the mapping service inadvertently photographed a pair of giants roaming the streets of Giza!

10 Unsettling Encounters with 'Black-Eyed Kids'

Jun 16, 2016

For those unfortunate enough to encounter the unsettling paranormal entities known as 'Black-Eyed Children,' the experience has proven to be rather unforgettable.

Video: Lakes Found on Mars?

Jun 13, 2016

Anomaly hunters scouring NASA images for signs of life or past life on Mars believe they may have spotted lakes on the surface of the Red Planet!

Video: 5 Legendary Lost Cities That May Really Exist

May 30, 2016

History is replete with legends of lavish cities that have been lost to the sands of time, but some of these sites could be more than mere myths.

Knapp's News 5/15/16

May 15, 2016

George Knapp shares some recent items of interest including his two-part I-Team report on rocker Tom DeLonge & UFOs.

Legendary Lost Ship Found Near Rhode Island?

May 2, 2016

The famed ship of explorer Captain James Cook, the HMS Endeavour, is believed to have been discovered off the coast of Rhode Island after last being seen in 1778.

Mystery of Nazca Spirals Solved

Apr 13, 2016

Amidst the iconic Nazca Lines in Peru are a number of strange spiral-shaped holes which have proven to be indecipherable to researchers until now.

Knapp's News 3/27/16

Mar 27, 2016

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention, including articles about how Microsoft's AI bot backfired, and which of the US presidential candidates is the most 'UFO friendly.'

Man Who Vanished Leaves Bizarre Voicemail Behind

Mar 24, 2016

Providing an update on his research into baffling disappearances, investigator David Paulides told C2C about a strange numbers of cases where a person vanishes while they are on the phone!

Newly Discovered Fairy Circles May Solve Mystery

Mar 15, 2016

Once only found in Namibia, a fresh patch of 'fairy circles' discovered in Australia may prove to be the key to deciphering the mysterious phenomenon.

Does Undersea Crater Solve the Bermuda Triangle?

Mar 14, 2016

New research from Norway has led to renewed speculation surrounding what may be behind the infamous spate of ship disappearances attributed to the Bermuda Triangle.

New MH370 Debris Found in Mozambique?

Mar 2, 2016

Nearly two years since it disappeared without a trace, a new piece of the infamous missing flight MH370 may have been found on the shore of Mozambique.

Knapp's News 2/28/16

Feb 28, 2016

George Knapp shares a number of items that have caught his attention, including a possible "alien megastructure" around Jupiter.

Knapp's News 2/21/16

Feb 21, 2016

George Knapp shares a number of items that have caught his attention, including an article about unexplained "music" heard coming from the far side of the moon by Apollo astronauts...

The Mystery of the Pacific Northwest Severed Feet

Feb 11, 2016

Over the last nine years, a strange mystery has unfolded in the Pacific Northwest as an amazing 16 severed feet have washed ashore and all of them were wearing shoes.

Hiker Finds Possible Yeti Tracks in Himalayas

Feb 1, 2016

A British hiker has revealed photos of a remarkable set of possible Yeti footprints that he discovered while trekking through the Himalayas in Bhutan.

Free Audio Clips-- January 2009

Jan 27, 2016

This week our 2 free audio clips are from seven years ago-- January 2009, when researcher Andy Lloyd spoke about a 'Planet X', and author Dorothy Cora Moore shared her extensive research on Atlantis.

Cattle Mutilations Reported in Georgia

Jan 18, 2016

The mysterious cattle mutilation phenomenon has seemingly resurfaced in Georgia after a pair of cows were found dead under strange circumstances.

Untangling the Mystery of Incan 'Talking Knots'

Jan 7, 2016

Researchers studying remnants of the Incan empire believe they are getting closer to solving the mystery of their strange devices known as khipu.

People and Planes Are Vanishing in the Alaska Triangle

Jan 5, 2016

Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard told C2C about Alaska's unsettling number of missing persons cases and strange instances of plane disappearances in a region known as the Alaska Triangle. More here.

Legendary Bermuda Triangle Case Turns 70

Dec 5, 2015

On December 5th, 1945, a squadron of five Navy bomber aircraft, designated as Flight 19, took part in a seemingly routine training exercise off the coast of Florida. Their final destination, however, would be in the annals of paranormal history as Flight...

Anomaly Hunters Spot Dome on Mars

Dec 2, 2015

Martian anomaly researchers are touting the alleged discovery of a mysterious dome resting on the horizon of the Red Planet...