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Mysteries & Anomalies

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Mysterious Bones Linked to Amelia Earhart Again

Mar 12, 2018

The infamous Amelia Earhart mystery is making headlines once again thanks to a new study that appears to shed light on her ultimate fate.

Live Chat w/George Noory & Heidi Hollis

Mar 12, 2018

Coast Insiders, join us for a Live Chat this Tuesday night with George Noory and Heidi Hollis.

Monstrous 'Mystery Fish' Washes Ashore in Australia

Mar 11, 2018

An Australian couple walking along a beach in Queensland were aghast when they stumbled upon the enormous remains of a fish that left them scratching their heads.

Amelia Earhart's Stolen Car Found

Feb 28, 2018

While the fate of famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart continues to perplex researchers, a recent mystery involving the theft of her car was apparently not quite as vexing for authorities.

More L.A. Marzulli Skull Images 2/26/18

Feb 26, 2018

In tandem with his 2/26/18 appearance L.A. Marzulli shares images of anomalous skulls.

L.A. Marzulli Skull Images 2/26/18

Feb 26, 2018

In tandem with his Monday appearance L.A. Marzulli shares images and video.

Fenn Treasure Claims Fourth Victim

Feb 20, 2018

It has been revealed that an Illinois man who died last spring in Yellowstone National Park had been searching for the infamous Fenn treasure.

Coast Insider Live Chat with Linda Godfrey

Feb 19, 2018

This Wednesday night, investigator of strange creatures Linda Godfrey will be our chat guest.

Odd Mystery Grips French Village

Feb 17, 2018

A small village in France has found itself at the center of a truly strange mystery as someone keeps stringing lines of laundry, specifically underpants, across town.

'Mystery Wind' Wipes Out Patch of Washington Forest

Feb 9, 2018

A mysterious incident, believed to be meteorological in nature, knocked down over 100 trees in a Washington state national park and has left weather experts baffled.

Video: Colorado Cops Baffled by Mystery Booms

Feb 9, 2018

An outbreak of the infamous 'mystery boom' phenomenon is underway in a Colorado suburb and police say that they are as stumped by what could be causing the sounds.

Video: Ice Block Smashes London Street

Feb 9, 2018

CCTV footage captured the moment a large block of ice crashed into a street in Kew, London

Bizarre Mystery Creature Found Dead on Beach in Australia

Feb 7, 2018

The puzzling remains of an unidentified sea creature were discovered on the shore of an Australian beach over the weekend by a woman walking her dog

Plan for Enormous Amelia Earhart Statue in Saipan Picks up Steam

Feb 7, 2018

An ambitious plan to build a massive statue of Amelia Earhart on the island of Saipan appears to be gaining momentum.

Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska?

Feb 6, 2018

The Alaskan city of Juneau is buzzing after a resident reported what can best be described as a 'thunderbird' soaring through the sky.

Weird 'Mystery Object' Washes Ashore in Australia

Feb 3, 2018

A man walking along a beach in Australia stumbled upon a head-scratching find in the form of a weird 'mystery object.'

Was D.B. Cooper in the CIA?

Feb 2, 2018

Independent investigators working on the infamous D.B. Cooper case believe that the notorious skyjacker may have been connected to the CIA.

Mysterious Incident Kills Hundreds of Birds in Utah

Feb 1, 2018

An odd incident in a Utah city saw hundreds of dead birds fall from the sky and some are wondering if they could have been killed by a UFO!

Psychic Enlisted in Argentine Submarine Search

Jan 29, 2018

Authorities in Argentina have turned to a psychic in the hopes of solving the mystery of a submarine that vanished at sea over two months ago.

Forensic Linguist Solves Jack the Ripper Letter Mystery?

Jan 29, 2018

A longstanding mystery surrounding letters purportedly penned by infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper may have been solved by a forensic linguist in England.

Live Chat with Dave Paulides

Jan 28, 2018

Coast Insiders, join us on Tuesday, January 30th for a Q&A on mysterious disappearances.

Voynich Manuscript Solved Via AI?

Jan 26, 2018

A computer scientist in Canada says that he has cracked the code of the mysterious Voynich Manuscript using artificial intelligence.

Letter Claims Alcatraz Escapees Survived Infamous Prison Break

Jan 24, 2018

In a rather remarkable twist to a decades-old mystery, a San Francisco TV station has obtained a letter that may have been written by one of the infamous escapees from Alcatraz just a few years ago!

'River Monster' Spotted in Germany

Jan 15, 2018

A man walking along the Elbe River in Germany was astounded when he spotted a large, snake-like creature emerge from the water.

Video: Mystery Boom Shakes Dallas

Jan 14, 2018

Residents of a Dallas neighborhood were bewildered on Wednesday evening when they heard a mysterious boom that left them pondering worst case scenarios for its cause.

NASA Spots 'Stick Figures' on Mars

Jan 8, 2018

Scientists are scratching their heads over some odd features found on the surface of Mars that have been likened to 'stick figures.'

Private Company to Launch Bold New Search for MH370

Jan 6, 2018

An American-based company has reached a rather unique agreement with the Malaysian government to revive the search for infamous lost airliner MH370 using a remarkably sophisticated approach.

DB Cooper Code Cracked?

Jan 5, 2018

Researchers trying to solve the infamous D.B. Cooper case believe that they have cracked a code contained in one of the notorious skyjacker's letters.

Spontaneous Human Combustion Claims Another Life in England?

Jan 2, 2018

An unsettling incident in England last week saw a man die after inexplicably bursting into flames while walking down the street and has raised concerns that spontaneous human combustion may have struck again.

Strange Egg Discovery in Australia Stumps Experts

Jan 2, 2018

A slew of eggs unearthed at an elementary school in Australia has spawned something of a debate between wildlife experts who can't agree on what kind of creature left them there.