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Video: Vandals Destroy Beloved Rock Formation

Sep 6, 2016

An enormously popular rock formation at an Oregon state park fell victim to a group of vandals who destroyed the iconic tourist attraction.

Watch: Bizarre Frog Unleashes Incredible Scream

Sep 2, 2016

A South African family walking their dog in a forest captured an unbelievable video of an alien-looking frog emitting a simply astonishing sound.

Possible 'Wessie' Snake Skin Identified as Anaconda

Aug 31, 2016

DNA tests on the giant snake skin found in Maine last weekend, believed to be from the now-notorious cryptid 'Wessie,' indicate that it came from an anaconda!

Over 300 Reindeer Killed by Lightning in Norway

Aug 29, 2016

A game warden performing a seemingly routine inspection in Norway stumbled upon a ghastly scene when he discovered a whopping 323 reindeer that had been killed by lightning!

Knapp's News 8/28/16

Aug 28, 2016

George Knapp shares some items that have recently caught his attention, including how LSD changed the Beatles.

Vermont Town Tries to Avoid Monkey Mania

Aug 26, 2016

Perhaps worried about a Wessie-esque frenzy overwhelming their quiet community, police in Bellows Falls, Vermont are downplaying an alleged monkey sighting in their town.

Gruesome 'Mystery Creature' Found in Norway

Aug 26, 2016

A Norwegian couple could not believe their eyes after discovering the body of a bizarre unidentifiable creature in their yard.

Jim Berkland RIP

Aug 24, 2016

We are sad to announce that geologist Jim Berkland has passed away just shy of his 86th birthday. He appeared many times on C2C over the years, and was known for his pioneering observations about the timing of earthquakes,

World's Largest Pearl Discovered in Philippines

Aug 23, 2016

An incredible, 75-pound pearl has been found in the Philippines and, remarkably, its origin story may be even more amazing than the discovery itself.

Video: Giant Snake Skin Confirms 'Wessie is Real'

Aug 21, 2016

Skeptics who scoffed at reports of a giant snake in Westbrook, Maine may be eating their words after an enormous snake skin was found there this weekend.

Knapp's News 8/21/16

Aug 21, 2016

George Knapp shares some items that have recently caught his attention, including an article that ponders what aliens might look like.

Capybaras Poised to Conquer Florida?

Aug 20, 2016

Although native to South America, the unique rodent known as a capybara may have found a foothold in Florida and could soon become fixture in the Sunshine State.

Video: Giant Goldfish Invade Australia's Waterways

Aug 17, 2016

Pet goldfish that have been released into the wild by their owners are poised to become a major problem for western Australia's waterways.

Watch: Cartoonish Squid Spotted on Ocean Floor

Aug 16, 2016

Oceanic researchers studying the waters off the coast of California have once again spotted a truly breathtaking creature in the form of a squid which boasts enormous googly-eyes!

Intricate Crop Circle in the UK Amazes Researchers

Aug 15, 2016

Veteran crop circle researchers are marveling about an incredibly intricate formation that appeared on a farm in England late last week.

Chemtrail Study Debunks Conspiracy Claims

Aug 15, 2016

A first-of-its-kind scientific study on chemtrails has concluded that, contrary to popular conspiracy theories, a clandestine chemical spraying program does not actually exist.

Evidence Found for China's Ancient Megaflood

Aug 4, 2016

Scientists have just found evidence for an ancient megaflood in China that previously was thought to be more of a mythic tale.

Watch: Whale Gets Incredibly Close to Tourists

Aug 2, 2016

A fin back whale came alarmingly close to a boat full of tourists near the Quebec city of Tadoussac. The video, uploaded on July 31, 2016 by Eric Mouellic, has already received over 300,000 views on Youtube.

'Alien' Creature Stuns Australian Fishermen

Aug 1, 2016

A pair of fishermen in Australia were baffled as they sailed towards an unidentified floating object, but a closer look revealed the oddity's grim terrestrial origin.

Knapp's News 7/31/16

Jul 31, 2016

George Knapp shares a number of items that have caught his attention, including his I-Team report about a Las Vegas physician working with NASA on the bottom of the ocean.

Watch: Underwater Purple Orb Baffles Scientists

Jul 27, 2016

Oceanic researchers studying the waters off the coast of California were flummoxed when they filmed a mysterious purple orb that seemed to defy explanation.

Video: Amazing Orangutan Mimics Human Speech

Jul 27, 2016

An orangutan with the uncanny ability to mimic human speech may upend long-held scientific beliefs about the evolution of spoken language.

Ghosts Blamed for Farmer Suicides in India

Jul 21, 2016

A politician in India is under fire after blaming ghosts for a spate of suicides by struggling farmers in his home state.

Watch: Methane Bubbles Make Ground Wobble

Jul 20, 2016

An incredible video from Russia reveals the remarkable effect of methane bubbles lurking beneath the ground on an island in Siberia.

Video: 'Devil Head' Orchid Discovered

Jul 16, 2016

A new orchid species discovered in Colombia boasts a remarkably demonic feature at its center: a heart that bears an uncanny resemblance to the devil!

Video: 5 Amazing Tales of Kids Raised by Animals

Jul 15, 2016

If you've just about had it with the kids being home for summer vacation, remember that things could be worse as there are some children that were literally raised by animals!

Eagle Attempts to Snatch Australian Boy

Jul 13, 2016

A youngster in attendance at a wildlife show in Australia found himself the target of an ornery eagle that swooped down and attempted to carry him away!

Russian Fisherman Snags Gruesome Creature

Jul 13, 2016

A Russian fisherman may be reconsidering his pescetarian ways after reeling in this bizarre and perplexing black fish from a river.

Watch: Amazing 'Ghost Fish' Wows NOAA

Jul 6, 2016

During an expedition studying the Marianna Trench, NOAA captured unprecedented footage of a fish which boasts an eerie ghost-like appearance.

Monstrous Swimming Centipede Discovered

Jul 3, 2016

A nightmarish new species of centipede has been found in Thailand and its remarkable amphibious nature has stunned scientists.

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