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Video: Massive Star Sapphire Cluster Worth $100 Million Found in Sri Lankapicture

Video: Massive Star Sapphire Cluster Worth $100 Million Found in Sri Lanka

Workers digging a well in the backyard of a home in Sri Lanka unearthed an enormous star sapphire cluster that is estimated to be worth a staggering $100 million.

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Rare Two-Headed Sea Turtle Found on Beach in South Carolina

A rather rare two-headed sea turtle was recently discovered on a beach in South Carolina.

Watch: Epic Monkey War Erupts in Thai City

A city in Thailand saw traffic come to a sudden halt when the streets were overrun by an epic battle that unfolded between rival gangs of monkeys.

Alaska Man Rescued Following Bizarre Week-Long Battle with Grizzly Bear

A man in Alaska was rescued after enduring a nightmarish week-long battle with a grizzly bear that had attacked him multiple times.

Chimps Observed Lethally Attacking Gorillas in the Wild for...

For the first time ever, a community of chimpanzees were observed lethally attacking a troop of gorillas in the wild.

California Drought Sparks Dowsing Boom

An extreme drought currently impacting California has resulted in big business for practitioners of the ancient art of dowsing.

Watch: Mosquito 'Tornado' in Siberia

The Siberian Times' Twitter feed shares footage of a 'tornado' of swarming mosquitoes on the eastern coast of the Kamchatka peninsula.

Watch: Rarely Seen 'Glass Octopus' Caught on Film in Pacific Ocean

Scientists aboard a research vessel on an expedition in the Pacific Ocean captured rare footage of a breathtaking glass octopus swimming in the wild.

Video: Dwarf Cow in Bangladesh Becomes Big Star

A dwarf cow in Bangladesh has become a sensation in the country as thousands of people have flocked to the farm where it lives in order to see the shockingly small creature.

Giant Goldfish Found in Minnesota Lake Prompt Strange Plea...

The discovery of several sizeable goldfish lurking in a Minnesota lake prompted city officials to plead with residents to stop releasing their pets into the waters as the invasive creatures threaten to overtake the local ecosystem.

Watch: Sharks Stalk Surfers at Bondi Beach

Aerial footage captured by a news helicopter over Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia, shows several sharks lurking only meters away from dozens of unaware surfers and swimmers.

Video: X-flare Erupts on the Sun

As a kind of prelude to our holiday fireworks, a powerful X-1 flare burst out of an unnamed sunspot on July 3rd. It was the first solar flare of this magnitude in nearly four years.

Video: Surreal 'Eye of Fire' Burns in Gulf of Mexico Waters

A fire erupted in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, after the oil company Pemex suffered a rupture in one of its undersea gas pipelines. Called an "eye of fire" or "portal to hell" by some on social media, the surreal boiling flames were brought...

Thousands of Racing Pigeons Across United Kingdom Mysteriously Vanish

Pigeon racing enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom are scratching their heads over a mysterious turn of events wherein thousands of birds vanished during different races that took place on the same day.

Mystery Sickness Blamed for Killing Hundreds of Birds Across...

Wildlife officials in several states are sounding the alarm about a mysterious sickness that has been responsible for killing hundreds of birds over the last few weeks.

Stones that Sparked 'Diamond Rush' in South Africa Revealed to...

In a not altogether surprising turn of events, an analysis of the 'mystery stones' which set off a veritable 'diamond rush' in South Africa has determined that the gems in question were merely quartz crystals.

Watch: Hungry Elephant in Search of Food Smashes Through...

A woman in Thailand was understandably astounded over the weekend when a hungry elephant burst through the wall of her kitchen in search of food.

Fossils From New Species of Ancient Giant Rhino Unearthed in China

Researchers in China have identified a new species of ancient giant rhino that was among the largest mammals ever to walk the Earth.

Video: Stunning 1,098-Carat Diamond Discovered in Botswana

A jaw-dropping 1,098-carat diamond has been unearthed in Botswana and it is believed to be the third-largest such gem ever discovered.

Video: Drought Provides Possible Answer to Decades-Old Plane...

A difficult drought currently impacting California may have inadvertently provided the solution to a decades-old plane crash mystery.

Massachusetts Diver Escapes Jonah and Whale Scenario

A lobster diver never expected to role-play a popular Bible story this week at work.

Michigan Firefighters Rescue Raccoon with Head Stuck in Sewer Cover

Firefighters in Michigan found themselves faced with a rather unusual challenge this week when they were enlisted to help rescue a raccoon that had somehow gotten its head stuck in a sewer cover.

Video: Massive Sinkhole Devours Multiple Cars in Jerusalem...

Some unlucky visitors to a hospital in Jerusalem likely wound up needing a ride home after a sinkhole spontaneously erupted in a parking lot and devoured several cars.

Video: Enormous New Dinosaur Species Unearthed in Australia

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of an enormous new species of dinosaur that was unearthed in Australia and is believed to have been as long as a basketball court.

Ancient Shark Population Decimated by Mysterious Mass Extinction Event

Scientists studying the fossil record found in deep-sea sediments stumbled upon a rather strange discovery when they noticed that the planet's shark population inexplicably plummeted around 19 million years ago.

Video: Erupting Volcano Devours Drone

A mesmerizing video captured by a drone flying over an erupting volcano in Iceland shows the moment when the UAV gets too close to the action and winds up being devoured by lava.

Watch: Brave Teen Saves Family Dogs from Menacing Bear in Backyard

A California teenager is being hailed as a hero after she bravely fended off a sizeable bear that had gotten into a confrontation with her family's dogs in their backyard.

Rare Piebald Squirrel Spotted in Colorado

An incredibly rare and rather jaw-dropping piebald squirrel was recently spotted scampering along a tree in Colorado.

Odd Blob Washes Ashore in North Carolina

A bizarre blob that washed ashore in North Carolina has left experts scratching their heads and asking the public for help in identifying the oddity.

Watch: Lamb in China Walks on Two Feet

An amazing video from China shows a lamb that was born with deformed hind limbs and, in turn, learned to walk around on just its two front feet.


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