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'Eerie Energy' Filmed During Hailstorm

Jun 7, 2017

A puzzling piece of footage from Ohio appears to show some kind of strange energy moving across the sky in the midst of a hail storm.

Thylacine Search Set to Begin

Jun 6, 2017

A highly-anticipated research project which just might provide proof that the Tasmanian Tiger still exists is scheduled to begin later this month.

Source of the 'Wow!' Signal Found?

Jun 5, 2017

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the legendary 'Wow!' signal, a new study appears to have finally determined its origin.

World's Largest Airplane Unveiled

Jun 2, 2017

Billionaire Paul Allen's aeronautics company has finally revealed their Stratolaunch aircraft and it is monstrous.

Meet the Robot Priest 'BlessU-2'

May 30, 2017

As part of a celebration to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a church in Germany has created a robot priest.

Robert Bigelow Talks UFOs on '60 Minutes'

May 29, 2017

During a segment on Sunday night's 60 Minutes, aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow opened up about his thoughts on the UFO phenomenon.

Knapp's News 5/28/17

May 28, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

Juno Probe Captures Amazing Images of Jupiter's Poles

May 25, 2017

A pair of newly-published papers detailing insights gleaned from NASA's Juno probe include a breathtaking look at Jupiter's poles.

Moon Dust Bag May Fetch Millions

May 22, 2017

A pouch used to carry moon rocks back to Earth from the Apollo 11 mission will soon go up for auction and could earn its owner a whopping sum.

New Australian Telescope Could Solve the FRB Mystery

May 22, 2017

A newly-activated telescope in Australia could be the key to solving the mystery of fast radio busts coming from space.

Knapp's News 5/21/17

May 21, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of items that recently caught his attention.

'Alien Megastructure' Star Stirs

May 20, 2017

The infamous and mysterious 'alien megastructure' star set off a frenzy of activity yesterday when astronomers noticed that it had begun inexplicably dimming.

'Mystery Flashes' Solved by NASA

May 16, 2017

NASA scientists have seemingly solved the mystery of fleeting flashes that have been seen emanating from Earth over the years by observers in space.

Naples Caldera Poised to Pop?

May 15, 2017

A new study on the Campi Flegrei caldera located near Naples, Italy suggests that the monstrous supervolcano may erupt sooner than scientists previously expected.

Drone Solves Narwhal Tusk Mystery

May 14, 2017

Researchers in Canada have captured remarkable drone footage of narwhals that may solve a longstanding mystery surrounding the unique sea creatures.

'Ancient Tank' Spotted on the Moon

May 13, 2017

UFO enthusiasts scouring NASA images for evidence of an ancient civilization in space believe they may have found remnants of a tank on the moon!

Cassini's Epic Endgame Begins

Apr 27, 2017

The beginning of the end for the Cassini spacecraft is underway as NASA released the first images from the craft's incredible dive between Saturn and its rings.

Physicist Pops Bermuda Triangle 'Methane Bubble' Theory

Apr 26, 2017

One of the most popular prosaic explanations for the mysterious disappearances of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle has been debunked.

Shocking Study May Rewrite American History

Apr 26, 2017

A newly-published paper from paleontologists working out of San Diego suggests that humans may have resided in California as far back as 130,000 years ago!

Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Tree Stump' on Mars

Apr 25, 2017

Rogue researchers scouring NASA images for signs of past life on Mars believe they may have discovered evidence of an ancient tree stump on the Red Planet.

Scientist Argues for 'Ancient Aliens'

Apr 25, 2017

An astronomer at Penn State has put forward a remarkable hypothesis that should sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts and ancient alien advocates.

New Voynich Clue Uncovered

Apr 24, 2017

A team of Russian researchers believe they have made significant progress in unraveling the mystery of the infamous Voynich Manuscript.

Knapp's News 4/23/17

Apr 23, 2017

George Knapp shares a number of news items that have recently caught his attention.

Odd 'UFO' Spotted on ISS Live Feed

Apr 20, 2017

Anomaly watchers are touting the latest oddity spotted on the ISS live feed: a cylindrical object seemingly observing the space station.

Rise Of The Terminator?

Apr 15, 2017

New footage shows Russian robot FEDOR at a shooting range looking rather Terminator-like with two guns in hand target shooting.

Enceladus Has Potential Life Source

Apr 13, 2017

NASA's press conference today announced that a potential energy source for life appears to exist on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus.

Mysterious NASA Press Event to Reveal New Info

Apr 12, 2017

On Thursday, NASA will reveal "new results about ocean worlds" and the search for ET life.

Jupiter Gets a Close-Up

Apr 9, 2017

Hubble snapped shots of Jupiter, as the planet made its closest approach in 1 year.

When Stars Collide

Apr 8, 2017

A crash between two young stars in the Orion constellation sparked a stellar fireworks display as giant streamers of dust and gas were sent into space.

Classroom 'Ghost' Spooks College

Apr 4, 2017

An eerie piece of footage from a university in England caused some students and teachers to suspect that there is a ghost lurking in their midst.