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Weird & Bizarre

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'World's Ugliest Dog' for 2019 Crowned

Jun 24, 2019

A California canine is sitting pretty after being crowned the World's Ugliest Dog for 2019.

Indian Magician's Houdini-Inspired Escape Attempt Turns Tragic

Jun 18, 2019

A prominent magician in India perished over the weekend when his attempt to replicate a famous performance by Harry Houdini went horribly awry.

Watch: Eerie 'Face' Spotted Under Bridge on Google Maps

Jun 7, 2019

A weird video making the rounds online shows what appears to be the face of some kind of entity captured on Google Maps.

Free Audio: Bizarre Medical History

May 29, 2019

In a riveting horror from November 2018, medical historian Thomas Morris shared bizarre curiosities.

Man's Home Cleaned by Odd Intruder

May 23, 2019

A Massachusetts man was left positively bewildered after someone broke into his home and, rather than rob the place, actually cleaned up the house!

Mystery Foam Stops Traffic in China

May 23, 2019

Traffic in a Chinese city ground to a halt earlier this week when a mysterious foam substance suddenly started spewing out of the sewer and filled the street.

Watch: Man Films Flying Humanoid?

May 17, 2019

An odd piece of footage from California appears to show a humanoid figure floating in the sky and frightening witnesses on the ground.

Eerie Video: Hermit Crab Drags Doll Head Along Beach

May 15, 2019

The footage was captured by Joseph Cronk on Wake Island.

'Uplifting' Graffiti Divides Town

May 9, 2019

Residents of a town in England are divided over a seemingly well-meaning, but misguided individual who has been spray painting positive messages throughout the community.

Watch: 'Flying' Turtle Whacks Car

May 3, 2019

A driver cruising down the highway in South Carolina got quite the shock when his car was hit by a 'flying' turtle.

Video: 'Time Traveler' Claims to Have Photograph of a Dinosaur

Apr 25, 2019

A self-proclaimed 'whistleblowing time traveler' says that he journeyed to the distant past to observe dinosaurs and produced a photo purportedly showing one of the ancient creatures.

Watch: Powerful Dust Devil Spins Man

Apr 14, 2019

An unusually strong dust devil apparently turned a skate park visitor in circles.

Video: Mysterious Mashed Potatoes Confound Mississippi Community

Apr 11, 2019

Residents of a neighborhood in a Mississippi city say that someone keeps leaving mashed potatoes in bizarre locations throughout the community and no one knows why.

Raelians Ask the UN to Develop a Diplomatic Plan for When ETs Arrive

Apr 3, 2019

The controversial UFO religious group known as the Raelian Movement are calling on the United Nations to help them in their quest to build an embassy for extraterrestrial visitors.

Watch: Trooper 'Pulls Over' Snow Car

Mar 11, 2019

A state trooper in Nebraska could not believe his eyes when he pulled up behind what appeared to be a car covered in snow and discovered that it was actually a well-crafted wintry creation.

Vermont Town Elects Goat as Mayor

Mar 10, 2019

A northern Vermont town has elected a goat as honorary mayor.

Watch: Whale Swallows Diver

Mar 9, 2019

A man discovered what Jonah may have felt like after a whale attempted to swallow him whole.

Watch: Man Saved by 'Angelic' Stranger

Mar 6, 2019

A shopkeeper in Turkey was left mystified after a tap on his shoulder from a mysterious stranger seemingly saved him from being seriously injured by a passing truck.

Goblins Torment Village in Zimbabwe

Mar 4, 2019

In a bizarre story out of Zimbabwe, a community is on edge due to what residents claim is an outbreak of goblins tormenting their village.

Video: Tourist Posing for Photo on 'Ice Throne' Gets Swept Out to Sea

Mar 1, 2019

A Texas woman vacationing in Iceland had quite the misadventure when she sat on a small throne-shaped iceberg for a photo and promptly got swept out to sea!

Video: Pastor's Fake Resurrection Stunt Backfires Spectacularly

Feb 27, 2019

A South African pastor has become the subject of nationwide ridicule and found himself in potential legal trouble after he faked a resurrection during a service.

Watch: Firefighters Save Fat Rat Stuck in Manhole Cover

Feb 26, 2019

Rescue workers in Germany are being celebrated after they freed a rotund rat that had somehow gotten stuck in a manhole cover.

Video: A Dog with Two Mouths

Feb 18, 2019

Toad, a five-year-old pit bull mix, has an extra mouth where her right ear would ordinarily be.

Watch: Girl Rides Through X-Ray Machine

Feb 15, 2019

A bizarre piece of security camera footage from China shows a five-year-old girl climbing into an x-ray machine at a busy train station.

Driver Blames Aliens for Odd Accident

Feb 8, 2019

Authorities responding to a van rollover in California received an out-of-this-world explanation for the accident from the driver: aliens were to blame.

Politician Ponders Whether or Not the Earth is Really Round

Feb 7, 2019

A politician in Canada raised eyebrows this week after she seemingly expressed support for the Flat Earth theory.

Indian Man Wants to Sue His Parents for Giving Birth to Him

Feb 4, 2019

A man in India plans to take the childhood lamentation of "I never asked to be born" to a whole new level by suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent!

Video: 'Time Traveler' Reveals Nanotechnology From the Future

Jan 30, 2019

A self-proclaimed whistleblowing time traveler has provided a rather bizarre piece of purported proof for his alleged adventure: a strange dark substance that he says is a form of nanotechnology.

Watch: New Online Docuseries Goes in Search of Kentucky Goblins

Jan 25, 2019

A riveting new docuseries explores the possibility that goblins may be lurking in Kentucky and takes viewers on a remarkable journey into the realm of high strangeness.

Secret Stump Foils Snowman Slayer

Jan 18, 2019

A ne'er-do-well in Kentucky with designs on destroying a giant snowman by driving their car into the creation received a rude awakening when they discovered that it was built atop a huge stump.

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