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Weird & Bizarre

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Wild Monkeys Target Florida Family

Jul 3, 2017

A family in Florida found themselves in a frightening predicament during a recent visit to a state park when a troop of wild monkeys attacked them!

Fisherman Catches Bass and Finds a Mole in its Mouth!

Jul 2, 2017

A fisherman from Missouri could not believe his eyes after he caught a large mouth bass and discovered that there was a mole inside the fish's mouth!

Mutant Fish Concerns SC Residents

Jun 30, 2017

A monstrous-looking mutant fish caught in a South Carolina lake has residents concerned and authorities baffled.

Rocks Rain Down on Village in India

Jun 30, 2017

A bizarre incident involving rocks raining down from the sky has some residents wondering if something supernatural could be behind the strange event.

Flat Earth Billboard Campaign Spreads to Oklahoma

Jun 30, 2017

An inventive campaign by Flat Earth conspiracy theorists to catch the attention of motorists via billboards has spread to Oklahoma.

Memphis Man Stuck with Albino Raccoon

Jun 29, 2017

A Memphis man's attempt to thwart an animal that had been digging up his lawn resulted in him inadvertently acquiring a rare but unwanted 'pet.'

Weird 'White Nessie' Spotted in Russia

Jun 28, 2017

A man out for a morning jog around a lake in Russia was left dumbfounded after he noticed an odd anomaly that resembled a white version of the Loch Ness Monster emerging from the water.

'Mystery Smell' Baffles British County

Jun 28, 2017

A county in England is grappling with a perplexing problem that may be even more maddening than the 'mystery boom' phenomenon: an inexplicable smell lingering in the air.

Cops Encounter 'Alien' in Georgia

Jun 27, 2017

During an otherwise routine traffic stop, police officers in the Georgia city of Alpharetta were surprised to discover an 'alien' riding shotgun in a car they had just pulled over.

FBI Joins the Hunt for TX 'Bigfoot'

Jun 26, 2017

The Texas city claiming to have Bigfoot lurking in its parks is allegedly getting some help in the search for the famed cryptid via the FBI, but perhaps they have taken the tale a bit too far.

'World's Ugliest Dog' for 2017 is Crowned

Jun 25, 2017

A Neapolitan Mastiff named Martha bested thirteen other competitors on Saturday to take home the title of 'World's Ugliest Dog' for 2017.

'Ghost' Gets Schoolgirl in Trouble

Jun 21, 2017

A young girl in New Zealand found herself in hot water with her school teacher after she was caught trying to summon the infamous ghost 'Bloody Mary.'

Canadian Hotel Bemoans Stolen Toe

Jun 20, 2017

The outraged owners of a Canadian hotel say that someone has stolen the essential ingredient used in their bar's trademark drink: a human toe!

Rescue Mission Fails to Find Source of Mysterious Cries for Help

Jun 19, 2017

Authorities in Canada were left scratching their heads after a rescue mission in search of a person crying out for help yielded no one in distress.

Strange Fish 'Suicides' Cause Concern in China

Jun 19, 2017

A bizarre video from China captures hundreds of fish leaping out of a lake to their own demise and the reason given by authorities is equally strange.

Video: 3D Scan of Haunted Idol Encounters Eerie Issues

Jun 19, 2017

An innovative project aimed at producing 3D scans of haunted objects has produced some truly remarkable results.

Odd Stone Circle Spotted on Mars

Jun 17, 2017

Anomaly hunters scouring NASA images for oddities believe that a strange circular stone pattern found on Mars might be a sign of alien life.

Possessed Doll Filmed in Peru?

Jun 16, 2017

A bizarre video from Cusco, Peru appears to capture the creepy antics of a 'possessed' doll purportedly moving and speaking despite having her batteries removed.

Creepy 9/11 Note Put on Pizza Box

Jun 15, 2017

As he settled down to dine on a just-delivered pizza, a man in England was taken aback when he opened the box and discovered a creepy note about 9/11.

Cops Deflate 'Crocodile' Danger

Jun 15, 2017

Police responding to calls about a crocodile lurking in a marsh near a highway in Canada likely felt a bit deflated when they arrived on the scene.

Video: Stampede of Barnyard Animals Stops Traffic in Italy

Jun 15, 2017

Traffic along a highway in Italy near the Swiss border came to an abrupt halt when a wave of farm animals came stampeding down the road.

Nanny Needed at Haunted House

Jun 14, 2017

An opportunity of a lifetime has opened up for any paranormal enthusiast who happens to be great with kids: working as a nanny at a haunted house!

Video: 5 Incredible Quirks of History

Jun 14, 2017

In the annals of history, enormous events can sometimes be traced back to seemingly minor moments that unknowingly caused them to happen.

Bizarre Car Crash Surprises Psychic

Jun 13, 2017

A psychic medium injured after a bizarre car crash in Canada had the perfect response to a reporter when asked about the odd event.

Flat Earth Billboard Bought in Philly

Jun 13, 2017

An ambitious group of Flat Earth researchers hope that an electronic billboard in Philadelphia can cause some drivers to reconsider the shape of the planet.

Marian Apparition Seen in Ireland?

Jun 12, 2017

A strange scene unfolded in Ireland over the weekend as thousands of people flocked to a religious shrine in the hopes of seeing an appearance by the Virgin Mary.

Inmate Freed Following Doppelganger Discovery

Jun 12, 2017

A Kansas City man imprisoned for 17 years based on eye witness testimony was set free last week following the discovery of his doppelganger!

NC Town Embraces Bigfoot

Jun 11, 2017

A small town in North Carolina has turned to an unlikely icon in an effort to 'rebrand' their community: Bigfoot.

Wind Causes Chaotic Balloon Ride

Jun 10, 2017

Heavy winds at a festival in Illinois caused hot air balloons to fly wildly out of control.

Loch Ness Mess Irks Researcher

Jun 8, 2017

A Nessie researcher is crying foul over what he says is an out of control problem at the famed Scottish landmark: litter!