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Weird & Bizarre

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Colorado Cops Get Creepy 911 Call

Aug 16, 2018

A police department in Colorado recently found themselves at the center of a rather spooky story reminiscent of something one might hear while sitting around the campfire.

Watch: Eerie Sea Creature Washes Ashore in Vietnam

Aug 9, 2018

A tour guide walking along a beach in Vietnam found a bizarre sea creature that seems to be covered in creepy tentacles.

Video: 5 Creepy Cell Phone Stories

Aug 7, 2018

Given the near-ubiquity of cell phones these days, it should come as no surprise that some unsettling urban legends and creepy stories have begun to be associated with the devices.

Infamous Asylum 'Haunts' Couple

Aug 6, 2018

A Canadian couple who inadvertently purchased an infamous haunted asylum are fed up with ghost hunters and government officials meddling in their lives

Serial Cat Killer on the Prowl in Washington State

Aug 6, 2018

Authorities in Washington state are warning pet owners about a serial cat killer that has gone on a gruesome spree this summer.

Mystery Smell Plagues Utah City

Aug 6, 2018

In what may be an even more maddening mystery than unexplained boom sounds, residents of a city in Utah say that they've been tormented by an unidentified smell for over a year.

Watch: Eerie Figure Stalks Moose?

Aug 2, 2018

A strange piece of footage from Canada shows a moose lingering by the side of the road as what appears to be a figure of some kind stalks towards it.

Video: Mystery Ooze Stops Traffic

Aug 1, 2018

Drivers in Michigan were likely doing a double take on Tuesday after a mysterious substance suddenly started spewing out of the ground alongside a highway.

'Time Traveler' Claims He Watched Dinosaurs in the Distant Past

Jul 31, 2018

Yet another alleged whistleblowing time traveler has emerged online with claims that he journeyed to the distant past and saw an array of exotic dinosaurs.

Man Fakes His Death on Facebook to Fleece Family for Funeral Costs

Jul 30, 2018

A husband and wife in Thailand are experiencing a well-deserved 15 minutes of infamy after it was revealed that they faked the man's death on Facebook in order to get money from his grieving friends and family.

Kenyan Girl Hit with Odd Hex

Jul 27, 2018

The parents of a girl in Kenya say that their daughter has been cursed by a weird form of witchcraft that has caused her to regurgitate an array of household objects.

Strange Darkness Stumps Siberians

Jul 24, 2018

Residents of a large region of Siberia were baffled on Friday when an inexplicable darkness fell over the area and lasted for hours.

Flying Humanoid Caught on Film?

Jul 20, 2018

An odd video circulating online shows a strange object hovering in the sky over Mexico that some have suggested could be a flying humanoid and perhaps even a witch!

Aliens Blamed for Abducted Ducks

Jul 17, 2018

An Australian woman who had eight of her ducks go missing under mysterious circumstances suspects that aliens may be to blame!

Creepy 'Humanoid' Creature Washes Ashore in China

Jul 11, 2018

Beachgoers in China were left baffled by the discovery of a bizarre creature boasting an almost humanoid appearance.

Squirrel Sculpture Sparks Outrage

Jul 11, 2018

An enormous squirrel sculpture recently put on display in a Kazakhstan city is generating controversy both for its bizarre nature and its rather sizeable price tag.

Video: 5 Visitors from 'Parallel Worlds'

Jul 11, 2018

Paranormal history is replete with mysterious strangers who seemingly show up out of nowhere and then quickly disappear.

Weird Cheese Mystery Grips Town

Jul 10, 2018

A bizarre mystery has gripped a town in Australia as residents keep finding blocks of cheese inexplicably left in their yard.

Forest Service Squashes Fake 'Sasquatch Warning'

Jul 9, 2018

The U.S. Forest Service was forced to issue a statement on Monday assuring the public that Bigfoot is not running amok in Montana.

Creepy 'Machete Man' Spotted

Jul 6, 2018

A city in West Virginia is on edge following sightings of a strangely-dressed individual lurking on the side of a road and wielding a machete!

Talking Cow Troubles Family

Jul 5, 2018

In a truly strange case out of Zimbabwe, a village chief has been enlisted to help a family who say that one of their cows has suddenly begun to talk!

Hiker Finds Odd 'Elmo Tree'

Jul 5, 2018

While exploring a state forest in Massachusetts, a hiker stumbled upon a rather bizarre scene: a tree covered in Elmo dolls.

Conspiracy Flyers Concern Cops

Jul 3, 2018

A bizarre incident in Houston last week saw a police officer hospitalized after touching what was thought to be a drug-laced flyer decrying a conspiracy theory surrounding government-sponsored microwave harassment.

'Cursed' Jacket Kills Twenty?

Jul 2, 2018

A family in Zimbabwe say that a jacket purportedly possessed by the spirit of a murder victim has wreaked havoc on their lives and amassed an astounding body count.

Video: Odd Anomaly Filmed 'Walking Among the Clouds'

Jul 2, 2018

An Alabama woman filming an oncoming storm captured a strange anomaly in the sky which some observers believe could be God walking among the clouds!

French Butchers Fear Violent Vegans

Jun 29, 2018

A consortium of French butchers are sounding the alarm about what they say is an unsettling rise in threatening behavior coming from angry vegans.

Serial Cat Killer Goes on Spree

Jun 28, 2018

A nefarious individual believed to be responsible for killing hundreds of cats and other pets throughout England in recent years has seemingly stepped up their activity this month.

'Face of Jesus' Appears on Wall

Jun 22, 2018

A remarkable discoloration on a wall in France has generated quite the buzz as it bears a striking resemblance to the face of Jesus.

Sorcerer Breaks Strange Goat Curse

Jun 20, 2018

A witch doctor in Zimbabwe is being credited with breaking a strange curse surrounding a goat and a woman wishing to start a family.

Watch: Windstorm Sends Porta-Potties Flying

Jun 19, 2018

Picnickers had nowhere to run when a freak windstorm descended on a Colorado park, sending two Porta-Potties flying high into the air.

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