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Michael Butterfield

Special Guest


Michael Butterfield is a freelance artist and writer who has followed the Zodiac case since 1983 and conducted extensive research since 1991. As a recognized expert on the unsolved crimes he has served as a media source and consultant for news articles, television documentaries and feature films - including Paramount Picture's new film by director David Fincher, ZODIAC - and he has appeared on episodes of Cold Case Files on the A&E Network and Case Reopened for The Learning Channel. Michael is completing work on what will be the first thoroughly researched and factually accurate account of the case, written with the help of virtually every living person involved in the case and based on the official documents. In his research, he has interviewed the investigators, the families of the victims, the family of prime suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, and other suspects, and even interviewed a surviving victim in his attempt to simply learn what actually happened and separate fact from fiction.


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