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Chris Medina

Special Guest


Psychic Medium Chris Medina has given personal readings to some of the media industry’s elite. Of Native American origins, Chris’ earliest memories of his amazing ability is when he only about three or four years old. Chris discovered that he knew very specific things about people by just looking at them. As he grew into his teens, his ability matured and he began to realize that he was different from other people. It became apparent that he was seeing more than just the physical world. He had the ability to see, hear, smell and feel energies, as well as to see into the past, present and future. As he matured, these abilities became stronger and more intense.


Past Shows:

The Haunted Oman House

In 1999, David Oman started helping his father build ‘the house’ on Cielo Drive, next to where the infamous Sharon Tate murders took place. After 2 years of living in the house, Oman says every floor and room has spirits and visitors, and some have said that it's almost like a giant spirit party. In the first half, he joined More »

Host: Jimmy Church

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