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William S. Cohen

Special Guest


From his very first days in Washington, William S. Cohen was singled out as a future American leader. In 1974, during his very first term in Congress, TIME magazine named him as one of "America's 200 Future Leaders," and the following year the US Junior Chamber of Commerce named him one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Men in America." From 1993 to 1997, he served the State of Maine as Congressman and then as Senator. In 1997, he was selected as Secretary of Defense under the Clinton Administration.

A published author of thirteen works of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry; a futurist with degrees in classical Latin and Greek literature; the son of a working-class family who rose to the highest levels in government, it was natural for the Christian Science Monitor to call him "a true Renaissance Man." He now heads The Cohen Group, an international consulting firm.



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