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Debra Pickman

Special Guest


Since she was young, Debra Pickman has had an interest in the paranormal. Although she had never had her own experiences, moving into the Sallie House in 1993 changed that. Through the activity she and her husband witnessed and experienced, she quickly came to realize how unique the house and its secrets were. She has maintained an interest in the house, the investigators who research it, and the factual representation of information concerning the house, its activity, and the ongoing research efforts. Her goal is to allow everyone an inside view into the house and to experience, as best as possible, the story and facts connected with it.



Past Shows:

Sallie House Haunting

The Sallie House haunting is one of the most notorious in the world and has attracted attention from paranormal investigators, psychics and TV shows. Tony & Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced it from the day they moved until they finally fled in terror. They shared their account with More »

Host: Dave Schrader

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