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Adam Dreamhealer

Special Guest


Adam is a gifted distant energy healer, author of 2 best-selling books, DreamHealer and DreamHealer 2 - Guide to Self-Empowerment .Adam explains how our minds, through intention, directly affect our immune systems, guiding us in fine-tuning our own skills in directing energy to re-establish health, as we seek to achieve a higher level of consciousness. In Adam's second book, Edgar Mitchell gives his personal account of Adam working with him on Edgar's own health issue. Rock & Roll legend Ronnie Hawkins, was healed through Adam's intervention from terminal pancreatic cancer.


Past Shows:

Intention Healing, NDEs & Open Lines

In the first hour, Adam the DreamHealer talked about the healing power of intention. According to Adam, not only does an individual's intentions effect his or her own immune system, but some studies suggest that the intentions of people who surround an individual also effect that person's health."Our intentions effect things far beyond our conscious awareness," Adam further... More »

Host: George Noory

The Nature of Healing

Adam the DreamHealer discussed the nature of his healing work and specific cases.

More »

Host: George Noory

Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies

During Open Lines, a caller named J.R. told George he was a vampire. J.R. said he was born in the 1400s and continues to be reincarnated as the same person because his bloodline is cursed. He claims to drink human blood from (sometimes) willing women, and maintains there are "hundreds of us" on the planet.Another caller said his son was overcome by an unusual coldness, even on... More »

Host: George Noory

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