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George Schwimmer

Special Guest


George Schwimmer, Ph.D. was a theatre director for 30 years and has written a number of books, stage plays and screenplays. For the past 10 years, he has investigated CIA agent Lee Harvey Oswald, writing DOPPELGANGER: The Legend of Lee Harvey Oswald, which reveals two Lee Harvey Oswalds, exposes the huge amount of disinformation and lies heaped on Harvey by the CIA, FBI, Dallas police and the Warren Commission after Harvey's murder, and shows Harvey's innocence, along with the existence of a huge conspiracy.

Schwimmer is trained in Reiki healing, chakra healing, psychic readings, past-life therapy, spirit releasement therapy, and finally as a modern shaman, moving from Raleigh to New York City, then to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and ultimately to Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Past Shows:

Past Lives & Metaphysics

Dr. George Schwimmer discussed how the death of his son David set him off on a metaphysical path, and his investigations into Edgar Cayce, altered states of consciousness, shamanism, and the ancient civilization of Mu (Lemuria).

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