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Robert Guffey

Special Guest


Robert Guffey is a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University – Long Beach. His latest book is Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security (OR Books, 2015), which Flavorwire has called, “By many miles, the weirdest and funniest book of 2015.” A graduate of the famed Clarion Writers Workshop in Seattle, he has also written a collection of novellas entitled Spies & Saucers (PS Publishing, 2014). His first book of nonfiction, Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form, was published in 2012. He’s written stories and articles for numerous magazines and anthologies, among them Fortean Times, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Mailer Review, Mysteries, New Dawn, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Paranoia, Postscripts, and Video Watchdog Magazine.



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Interrogations & Gang Stalking

George Knapp was joined by author and researcher, Robert Guffey, who shared the remarkable story of Damien (called Dion in Guffey's book), a heroin addict who in 2003 sheltered a US Marine that had stolen 22 pairs of night vision goggles, and then possibly became the subject of bizarre experimentation involving... More »

Host: George Knapp

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