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Chuck Gunderson

Special Guest


Chuck Gunderson has worked in the outdoor advertising industry most of his life and holds two degrees in history; a BA from San Diego State University and an MA from the University of San Diego. He has been fascinated by the story and music of the Beatles since attending his first "Fest For Beatles' Fans" in 1979; and have collected memorabilia through the years.



Past Shows:

Champion MMA Fighter/ Beatles Controversy

In the first half, George Knapp spoke with champion MMA fighter Frank Alisio Juarez III (aka Frank Shamrock) also known as "The Legend," who recalled a childhood marred with abuse that led to a troubled young adulthood. He described how this created a fighter who would go on to dominate the sport for the next two... More »

Host: George Knapp

Warminster UFO Mystery/ Beatlemania

A mystery of unusual sounds began in Warminster, England in 1964 and continued as a UFO enigma until 1977. The locals called the inexplicable lights and sounds central to the mystery "the Thing." An expert in the case, Kevin Goodman, joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss the 50-year old mystery.

In... More »

Host: George Knapp

Celebrity & The Beatles

George Knapp was joined in the first half of the program by author and PR expert Maggie Jessup, who shared her insights on personal branding and how to become famous. In the latter half, Beatles scholar Chuck Gunderson talked about what it was like during the Fab... More »

Host: George Knapp

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Christopher Garetano shared details about the secretive Montauk Project. Followed by George Schwimmer on his theory that there were two Oswalds.

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