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Barby Ingle

Special Guest


Barby Ingle was living her dream. She trained and performed cheerleading, dance and gymnastics starting at age 4 through college. She started her own cheer/dance training company. A year later she was hired by Washington State University as the head spirit program coach. She had been battling chronic pain since 1997, first with Endometriosis which resulted in a full hysterectomy and left oophorectomy. Then in 2002, she developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a progressive neuro-autoimmune condition that affects multiple systems in the body and needs to be treated early so that disability does not take over.

She lost physical abilities and was bed bound for years, using a wheelchair to get to get out of bed. It took 3 years to get a proper diagnosis and another 4 years to get the proper treatment. Even after seeing over 100 healthcare professionals, having major surgeries she didn’t need, complications such as internal bleeding, medication interactions, kidney stones, tumors, severe constipation and so much more – she did not give up or give in.



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