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Kevin Collier

Special Guest


Kevin Collier is Founder and CEO of Collier Group Inc. established in 2003 to develop new technology into commercial products. Mr. Collier works with company executive teams, boards, managers, and operational experts from all types of industries to develop new technology into easy to manufacture patent protected products. Specific areas include Project Management, Team Development, Engineering Design, Prototype Development and Testing. Kevin works to concurrently develop the Sales and Marketing Collateral while launching production to achieve early market entry. Experience with Computer aided design; tolerance control in manufacturing and in depth knowledge of manufacturing processes is the core of Kevin’s value engineering.

For 25 years Kevin has had ownership in and operated engineering, product development and manufacturing related businesses with the primary focus of commercializing new and innovative technology. Organizing and managing a cohesive and efficient team is what he enjoys doing. Experience includes corporate setup, finding capital investment, team building, product design, prototyping, testing, patenting, manufacturing start up and marketing. Kevin also has a solid foundation of hands on experience as a welder, machinist, tool and die maker, mold and pattern maker, CNC programmer, tool designer and manufacturing engineer.

Education and training include B.S., Manufacturing Engineering, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah and CMfgE Certification, ASME 1984 in the field of material removal.


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