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Sherrie Lea Laird

Special Guest


After six and a half years of study, September 1998-May, 2005, Dr. Adrian Finkelstein and subject Sherrie Lea Laird are confident to announce their discovery and findings. Documentation shows that Sherrie Lea Laird is the Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Coincidentally or not! June 1st, 2005 date was in fact predicted by Kenny Kingston that Marilyn Monroe's reincarnation would appear. Lea, a singer at the top of recording charts in Cannada, Europe and worldwide with her song, No Ordinary Love, is alive and well, residing in Toronto, Canada.With lightheartedness and childlike curiosity we chose this date to announce, as Marilyn was deeply interested in the occult and enjoyed predictions. We found this could not possibly have timed better with our research, and Dr. Finkelstein and Sherrie had made it official in the May 26, 2005 issue of Malibu Surfside News.

Scientific research, including many hours of video taped past life regressions in a somnambulistic hypnotic state, tantamount to Truth Serum Interview, analysis of hundreds of "coincidences," similarities in face bone structure, including nose, mouth, chin, forehead, eyes, eyebrows and ears architechture, hands, feet, body build, handwriting, voice recognition, linguistics, personality traits assets and liabilities, were all conducted on Sherrie Lea Laird by Adrian Finkelstein, M.D., pioneer and world foremost expert in Past Life Regression Therapy and Complimentary/Alternative Medicine, former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Health Sciences and Rush University in Chicago, Illinois. Awaiting also a test result on PPL-IRCT (Past and Present Lives, Iris Recognition Comparison Test), test deviced and patented for the first time by Dr. Finkelstein, as well as PPL-VRCT (Past and Present Lives, Voice Recognition Comparison Test) and PPL-FPCRT (Past and Present Lives Fingerprint Recognition Comparison Test). It appears that the "Junk DNA," could also disclose not the parental DNA influence, but in Carl Jung's term, the DNA "Archetype" that transmigrates through all reincarnations of the soul and remains constant from life to life. This DNA "Archetype" is physically best identified in the physical, persionality and linguistic features Dr. Finkelstein investigated and proved above. Kevin Ryerson, famous American medium channeler, who is the Edgar Cayce of our time, known from his appearance in Shirley MacLaine's movie Out On a Limb, channeled the ancient Egyptian spirit of Ahtun-Re, known for its accurate readings, confirming on June 18th and July 14th, 2005 that indeed, Sherrie Lea Laird is the only alive reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

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