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Mark Stavish

Special Guest


Mark Stavish, M.A. is a respected authority in the study and practice of Western spiritual traditions. He has over 35 years of experience in Western esotericism and is the author of many books including 'The Path of Alchemy,' 'Kabbalah for Health and Wellness,' and 'Between the Gates – Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the Body of Light in Western Esotericism.' He holds degrees in Theology and Counseling, and is the founder and Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies (Wyoming, Pennsylvania).



Past Shows:

Possession & Negative Entities/ Open Lines

In the first half, Director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, Mark Stavish, discussed his latest work on poltergeists, possession, and negative psychic phenomena. Midweek Open Lines were featured in the latter half, and a number of callers shared their own ghostly encounters and experiences.

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Host: George Noory

Occult & the Esoteric

Director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies, Mark Stavish, is a life-long student of philosophy and mysticism. He addressed such topics as trends in the New Age movement, spiritual, occult and esoteric practices, Masonic rituals, and lucid dreaming. The ability to become aware that one is dreaming within the context of a... More »

Host: George Noory

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Last Night

Tom Dongo spoke on his investigations of strange phenomena in Sedona, AZ. Chris DeRose told about his activism to save animals.

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