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Maureen St. Germain

Special Guest


Maureen St. Germain is an internationally recognized, highly acclaimed transformational teacher and author. Widely known for her Amazon.com best-seller, Beyond the Flower of Life, Maureen’s newest book, Waking Up in 5D, provides tools to guide you in the transition from the 3rd dimension to the joy and love of the 5th dimension. Her interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years. Maureen has taught in 24 countries throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Egypt, China and Japan, including workshops at Kripalu and Omega Institute. Her books have been translated into Russian, Italian and Chinese. Known as "The Practical Mystic," Maureen’s passion is supporting individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening.



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