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Steve Neill

Special Guest


Steve Neill is an artist, visual effects creator, and filmmaker with over 40 years of experience in the film and television industry. In 1971 he interned at the American Zoetrope in San Francisco with Francis Ford Coppola and received much of his filmmaking education there. He moved to Hollywood to pursue his career in 1974. He has since worked on movies such as "Star Trek the Motion Picture," "Ghost Busters," "Fright Night" and more. He has appeared as a creature suit actor in many films, commercials and TV shows.

In addition, he wrote and produced the feature film, "The Day Time Ended." Steve owns a film studio in Ventura, California where he works with his partner Mary Cacciapagila producing visual effects, post-production, model miniatures, creatures and prosthetic makeup. Steve has had lifelong experiences with non-human intelligence starting when he was six years old. He first became aware that memories he thought were unique to him were shared by others when he read "Communion" by Whitley Strieber. Today Steve has created, written, and directed a new dramatic series about his experience, "But Something is There" because he doesn’t know what this intelligence is, only that it is there.



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