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Greg Newkirk

Special Guest


Greg Newkirk is a writer, investigative filmmaker, and paranormal adventurer. By day, he is busy pointing adventurous road warriors toward the world’s weirdest destinations as the face of video content (and head of production) for Roadtrippers, the fastest growing travel website in the world. He also acts as the Editor-In-Chief for the Week in Weird, an online magazine about all things out of the ordinary. Greg’s writing is regularly featured both in print and online in publications like Disinformation, Gizmodo, Cryptomundo, and Jalopnik, as well as in local and national news networks across the country.

By night, Greg tracks down and investigates cases of the anomalous, the paranormal, and the occult, and it's this research that has had him criss-crossing the continent for nearly two decades in search of monsters, mysteries, and magick. In that time he’s tackled cases of encounters with mine-dwelling extraterrestrial "goblins", witnessed the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights, drank questionable liquids with real vampires, and had books thrown at him by a poltergeist trapped in a church.


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