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Tony Pickman

Special Guest


Tony Pickman's first paranormal experience left him feeling that a demonic presence resided in his childhood bedroom. The experiences in the Sallie House brought back those memories and experiences and terrified him. He and his wife Debra remained in the Sallie house for several reasons; curiosity, the need for answers about the strange things that they experienced, and lack of money to move to another place were among them.

After finally leaving the house, he stayed as far away from it as he could, even though his wife did everything she could to go back to it. After 10 years, Tony decided to confront the fears he had built up. Now, he takes part in the ongoing investigations into the house and has returned several times--no longer a victim, but a researcher.



Past Shows:

Sallie House Haunting

The Sallie House haunting is one of the most notorious in the world and has attracted attention from paranormal investigators, psychics and TV shows. Tony & Debra Pickman and their newborn son Taylor experienced it from the day they moved until they finally fled in terror. They shared their account with More »

Host: Dave Schrader

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