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Matthew Ryan

Special Guest


Matthew Ryan is a seer and healer from Taos, New Mexico, and over the last 18 years, he has developed a unique energetic healing modality called Gamma Wave Healing, named after his ability to enter into a gamma state while facilitating healings. Matthew's journey began at an early age. As a child, he had certain abilities that opened doorways into perceiving non-ordinary reality, such as communicating with animals, lucid dreams, and out-of-body experiences.

He has been doing readings and facilitating healings since the year 2000, but he dived into the work full-time in 2011, and since that time has helped hundreds of people to clear their fields and initiate self-healing and energetic activations. In recent years, Matthew has developed a progressive series of workshops which help the student to activate the energy body and therefore, their consciousness. The over-arching principle of his work is to empower humanity in becoming the most authentic being that they can be.


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