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Dave vonKleist

Special Guest


Dave vonKleist has spent his career in the broadcast industry as a professional TV/radio announcer and as a professional vocalist for commercials. He was staff announcer at various radio stations and hosted the Dave Riddell show, a three-hour afternoon drive time talk show at WATR AM-1320, Waterbury, Connecticut. Mr. vonKleist is an accomplished musician, vocalist, songwriter and performer of over thirty years. Other accomplishments are writing, directing and editing the comedy television show Spotlight Tonight . Voted Best Show and Best Directed show in the Laurel Cable Awards, 1984.

He and his wife Joyce Riley vonKleist presently co-host The Power Hour , a radio talk show, and devote most of their time to obtaining assistance for sick Gulf War veterans through the American Gulf War Veterans Association in Versailles, Missouri.


Past Shows:

The Electric Universe: Comets & Planets

Comparative mythologist Dave Talbott & physicist specializing in plasma and electricity in space, Wallace Thornhill discussed the nature of the electric universe and its effect on comets and planets.

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Host: George Noory

Secret Societies & 9-11 Footage

Journalist and author Jim Marrs discussed his investigations into secret societies, Knights Templar and Solomon's treasure.

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9-11 Enigmas

Dave vonKleist, co-host of The Power Hour radio program, shared evidence from his video, 911: In Plane Site, which documents unexplained circumstances involving events at the Pentagon and WTC. One of the inexplicable elements of the Pentagon attack, was that... More »

Host: George Noory

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