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Awesome Illusion Creates 'Cloud City' in China

March 25, 2016

Atmospheric conditions in the city of Dalian, China spawned a mirage that made it look like buildings had emerged from the clouds, leaving onlookers wondering if they were peering into another world.

The stunning sight was caused by a distorted perspective brought upon by fog drifting over the water in front of the skyscrapers.

A similar occurrence of the effect, known as Fata Morgana, happened back in October and electrified the Internet as observers theorized that the event had some kind of paranormal origin.

Alas, both events were merely Mother Nature playing tricks on us and proving, once again, that hoaxers can't hold a candle to the awe-inspiring 'sights' that humans can produce via misidentification combined with their own imagination.

Source: Daily Star


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