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Beckley Images 9/22/11

Timothy Green Beckley sent us some images and descriptions to accompany his appearance on the 9/22/11 show.

While UFOs were seen -- and photographed -- off a coastal city in Brazil, reputable members of the community were seemingly possessed by the occupants of the strange craft. Some even picked up pen and paper and began to write of terrible global disasters if warnings were not heeded.

The late Lord Hill Norton former UK Secretary of Defense and 5 Star Admiral believed strongly in UFOs, but saw them as possibly being demonic and more of a problem for religion than science. Beckley met Norton at a meeting at the House of Lords at which he was invited to speak.

The Islamic faith has its only demons in the Jinn who supposedly can possess just like Satan in Christianity. This photo supposedly captured the image of a Jinn on the wall of a cave, but skeptics say its only a manipulated Photoshop image.

Several witnesses in Brazil shown puncture and burn marks after their village was attack by an unknown object that beamed down a powerful ray onto their homes and through their open windows.

Not only do UFOs seemingly have the ability to change shape but so do their occupants. Native Americans told tales of strange beings turning into animals and even acted out these transformations with tribal dances. (Click on image to view larger)