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Beckley Images 9/4/12

Beckley Images 9/4/12

In In conjunction with his appearance on tonight's show, Timothy Green Beckley has provided a set of images and captions.

On the left: Through born as an Englishman, T. Lobsang Rampa insisted that he was actually a Tibetan monk who had studied the occult arts and had mastered reading the human aura. He is generally recognized as the first modern day Walk-In.

On the right: Back in the mid 1960s, Beckley befriended a young woman known only as "ViVenus" who insisted that she was from another planet and had literally taken over the body of an earth woman who did not want to live any longer. For a brief period she toured the country giving forth a message of peace and universal love and then quickly vanished as mysteriously as she had appeared.

There is now a sizable group of individuals who maintain that the late eccentric electrical genius Nikola Tesla was either a Walk-In or actually born on another planet and left on the doorsteps of his parents in a remote mountain province in what came to be called Yugoslavia.

Some Tesla devotes maintain that he had something to do with the development of a Secret Space Program that now co-exists alongside the establish NASA program to take us into space. The late Otis T. Carr (upper left) claims he and Nikola Tesla shared a close friendship before the inventor's death, and that he later tried to build his own spaceship that he said could take us to the moon in less than a hour.

Upper Right: British journalist Arthur Shuttlewood was with Beckley on the night a small group apparently attempted and possibly communicated with a UFO that hovered over Starr Hill in Warminster which had been the scene of hundreds of close encounters over a period of a decade in the 60s and 70s.

Though unproven, during his life Tesla believed he had picked up intelligent signals coming from the planet Mars. Even closer to home Chicagoan John Otto says he actually spoke to Ultra-Terrestrials using a simple device which he called a "light beam communicator" (pictured on the bottom).