Bill Bean Photos 5-19-17

Bill Bean has provided photos related to his 5-19-17 discussion on living in a house possessed by evil.

Getting ready to enter into a home for an exorcism

Lifetime "I Was Possessed Show"

Alien in the mirror in the Harundale house, 1975

Harundale house, 1977

Hooded demonic entity, 2000

Large face in the window behind my Dad's shoulder, 1974

Me at 3 years old and "Others", 1969

The most recent UFO pic I took, April 2017

My sister and I with hooded entity to her left, Christmas 1968

Entity, 2001

UFO, 2001

Last Night

Author MR Gorga on demonic possession past and present in America, and protecting yourself against demons. Followed by C2C's Cheryll Jones who talks with biologist Laura Kearns on the recent massive bird die-offs in the United States.

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