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I am a Coast Insider because I no longer have the luxury of being a night owl. I am up early and to bed early. This way I can catch all the shows!! I have always been into paranormal stuff and I have seen a few ghosts in my time, been followed for about 15 years by something I called up on the Ouija board when I was in high school (now I won't touch the things!!) and I have seen a UFO or two and may have had a missing time incident about 10 or so years ago. I am so happy that C2C is there keeping me thinking. I love the new occasional hosts Richard Syrett and Dave Schrader and I always look forward to a George Knapp show. What Art Bell hath wrought let George Noory continue.
--Alysoun, Rhode Island

A Coast Insider for 3 years, and a longtime listener, I am a decorated Vietnam veteran, US Army, with a Purple Heart medal. I have been investigating the paranormal since I was 12 (1961). I have been put under hypnosis and recorded my encounter with a UFO in Illinois. I have had encounters with Bigfoot, succubus, ghosts, shadow people and time displacement. For fun I have been in films, on stage and television. I also perform music from the 40s thru the 70s and reenact Armed Forces Radio Vietnam.
--Shep, Mechanicsburg, PA

I love Coast to Coast AM. I am so grateful for the app, because I can listen anytime. I am a non-denominational wedding officiant in 5 states in the Mid Atlantic region, retired Air Force, disabled vet and published author. I train officiants and marry couples. I love weddings and have been doing this type of work for over 10 years.
--Sandy, Frederick, MD

I have been a Coast Insider almost since its inception; I was hooked from the beginning with Art's shows (have been a devotee to the show for almost 16 years) and once podcasts became available, I listened to every show possible, all the time, while working in my art studio and on my clients' projects. I am an artist and jewelry designer in southern California. I work long hours in my studio and need great stuff while working and C2C is the perfect venue! The myriad topics covered on C2C, appeal to my curious, creative nature making life & work much more interesting.
--Carolyn, Orange County, California

Been a Coast Insider for at least 5 years now, wanted good in-depth analysis of the mysteries of our world that I could listen to while doing data analytics programming in my cubicle and it has stuck with ever me since. I know I can always rely on Coast for flights or longer drives, waiting somewhere, so many otherwise boring situations where my mind can be munching on information. I always love how George asks the same questions I would, I also feel connected to many of the other hosts and guests...The best part about Coast is the respect for a very wide variety of viewpoints and opinions, it's such an important mode of operation in this world, and George characterizes this so well.
--Chris L., Chicago

I am spiritual and paranormal :) yep both have always been in my life. I met a person back in 2006 and he told me I should listen to Coast to Coast AM. Until then, I thought I was an oddity as there are not any spiritual groups or paranormal groups out here where I live. I can't tell you how tickled I was. I started streaming the shows and I would listen to them the next day on my mp3 player.Now I work in a office so I listen to the show each morning at home before work or at my office. I have totally enjoyed the last 8 years! Thank you George Noory and thank you guests for making me feel more normal!
--Carrie, Oklahoma

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