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Dennis Pfohl Video/Photos 6/29/19

Dennis Pfohl has provided several videos and photos to accompany his appearance on the 6/29/19 program.

Sasquatch Video 1

Sasquatch Video 2

Sasquatch Video 3

Sasquatch Video 4

Tree growth in the hollow, near the research location

Blood sample on plate, submitted for DNA analysis to Ketchum

Bottom of hollow, Sasquatch used the river bottoms to travel

Still frame from 2005 Matilda footage, Kentucky Erickson Project

Possible handprint found near the top side of haybale at research location

Liela gathering data on a location that a piece of footage was obtained earlier that year

Dennis, holding a 17" footprint cast taken on the location, the red coloration is from forensics spray wax used

Old mobile home used on location to house surveillance equipment, pancake footage was capture from here

View downhill to the pond area from the mobile home - approx 250 yards


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